When we think about creating, the first things that typically come to mind are some form of art, problem solving, or any type of self-expression.

And for those that identify as an artist, creative or having a creative mind, they typically don’t think that they have trouble feeding the creative process. In fact, if anything, they have trouble deciding on what to focus on right now. There’s no shortage of ideas.

But, the type of creation we’re not paying enough attention to…

An imaginative mind that gifts one with a constant flow of ideas is also really good at creating…

Anxiety, doubt, distraction, impatience, and so on.

As a result, makers often suffer the most.

Therefore, many seek substances or chase external validation which often helps them attain a fleeting calm state but as we know, both are unsustainable and will never cultivate true fulfillment.

Becoming conscious of the creation of our own affliction is critical because…

It blocks one’s ability to be present. And the present moment is where the answers and peace exist.

Those that possess a mile-a-minute mind think that it’s just who they are. That their vivid imagination is out of their control. And maybe if it is controlled, their creativity will suffer. Or they’ll lose their edge.

What if I told you that none of the above is true, and that story is actually preventing people from reaching their creative potential?

When you strip it all down…

Our ability to be present determines our capacity to create.

It’s time to let go of the outdated story because it is bullshit and all it does is create unnecessary suffering.

True, we can’t change how we’re wired. However, we can change how we respond to our wiring and by doing so, we can rewire just enough to serve us while simultaneously feeding our creativity.

How do we begin to undo this conditioning?

Instead of judging the mind…

Observe it. Relax into it. Own it. And then, let it teach you.

This is how you begin to finesse the chaos.

In time…

You’ll stop seeking and you’ll start noticing. When you’re noticing, you’re allowing.

When you’re allowing, your ego is eliminated.

Accepting every emotion or story detaches you from them. They’ll no longer control you.

Now your mind is free and you’ll connect the dots easily.

Therefore, you’ll stop striving and you’ll start being.

Ease has manifested.

This is the point at which you’ll feed your artistic abilities and ability to be an artist of life. Subsequently, you’ll reach your most expansive level of creation. Artistry. In both your personal and professional life.


You’re connected, relaxed, and you’ve cleared the way for it to come. Your inner knowing, the solution, the person, the opportunity….whatever it is.

In this state, everything else loses its power — allowing you to make the most of your time here.

Originally published at medium.com