Managing a growing team that too a global team can be really tough if you don’t keep certain factors in your mind all the time and you may end up in a hassled situation. For a management team or an individual manager that have to handle employees scattered all around the world have to face many challenges that are not common for managers handling team within the same geographical region. Global teams for a single process or a single project is not at all new and has become very common. You need to have special skills for handling a growing global team.

Top 5 Useful Management Skills To Handle A Global Workforce Team

The perfect management needs to be considered as a special skill that few people might already have within themselves, while some have to raise those qualities as well as skills. Usually, a normal employee gets promoted to management level based on his/ her performance, but when they come to management level their roles and responsibilities change drastically.

So here are top 5 management skills you must have for handling a global workforce team

Make Yourself As A Living Example Of Becoming A Trustworthy Leader

You should stick to your values and responsibilities because you are the one whom entire workforce will look after and if you are a leader on whom they can rely on completely, their productivity will increase unbelievably.

  • Engagement, productivity, and innovation should start with the higher management level. If your team will see the same they will try to follow. This is why leadership skills are very much necessary for every manager that has to manage a global team.
  • The more positive will be your approach towards your work, the more positive will be your team’s response.
  • Never ever overlook positive efforts of any of the employees because this will help you in maintaining high level moral in all of them. Be it any employee from any geographical region around the world, each of them should be treated equally.

One should be more careful while handling Geographical diverse teams. Your team should feel that you are the one whom they should look forward to for becoming more successful in their life. Every manager has its own way to handle his/her team, but factors like transparency, integrity, and authenticity should be always there on your list.

Be Innovative And Let Your Employees Be Innovative

Being innovative is a great way to become just as a cornerstone of any business.

  • Be innovative, allow everyone to explore more and develop ourselves in a revolutionary way. If a manager fosters innovation on a priority basis, then there is no chance his/her team will face any difficulty. If you don’t innovate, you are not giving yourself a chance to grow more. So make sure that in your team, innovation is given sufficient importance.
  • Let your employees feel that their views are always given importance and they will be heard every time they have something to talk about.
  •  Give them recognition for the good work. Allow them to communicate freely.

Try To Fill The Cultural Gaps Patiently

This is one of the most common problems faced by managers very often because when they deal with employees from different geographical regions a lot of difference can be seen.

  • Right from their language, thinking, a way to socialize or communicate, cultural differences, etc. has to be managed well otherwise a team will not become productive. So for a person who has just started handling a global workforce is a new day with new learning opportunities.
  • Make sure to research well about regions from where you have team members, be respectful of every culture, be adaptable and maintain an open mindset to deal with all of them equally. Once you gain trust, you can hit the floor.

Adhere To Your Values

This is one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with a global team. If a manager is truly adhering to values, people start trusting them and a great alliance, as well as good partnerships, can be seen without much effort. As a leader, we all should live our values so that our team also gets inspired to do so.

Hire Right People For The Right Task

It is very commonly seen that many of us focus more on micromanaging, which do not allow us to work effectively and consumes more time than usual.


  • Hiring the right people for the right task is the best you can do to avoid this. What you should do is just hire the right talent and assign task according to his/her skills and give them their way to work by empowering them with effective tools. Giving too much of advice and suggestions can decrease your team’s productivity to a great level.
  • The more you will show trust in your employee, the more they will feel empowered and you can do this only by hiring the right talent.

Digitization and use of latest technologies have changed the role of management towards his teams. They now have many modes of communication and working with the global team has become much easier than the last few decades.

Wrapping it Up


We tried to understand how managers can effectively manage a global workforce team. Tips that we discussed will definitely help managers to increase the productivity of their team by handling them effectively with an ease.


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