Managing a Micro Manager

It is hard to work in isolation. We are usually head down, getting work done. Often, we have no idea how that work is landing. That is why I am so grateful when I receive replies back, comments to my posts, and especially when you pose tough questions that make me think.

That’s feedback. And you all know I view feedback as a gift.

Your questions are also a gift as they make for great topics. Here is a recent question sent my way…

“Have ever had to let a person know that they are stifling their employee from doing their job because it’s not being done the way that this person is used to doing it?”

What they are really asking is, how do you manage a micro manager?

Moving from individual contributor to manager is a tough shift. You are no longer evaluated on your results but rather the results you get with and through other people.  Add to that, you probably did the job so well which is why you were promoted.

It is understandable that it is hard to see someone else now doing your job, and in your mind, not as well as you did it. You are right, they are not, yet.

And yet is the key. If I was managing this manager, it would be my job to help them see what their role is now in that work. The manager’s role is to empower and enable their employee to build the skill and execute the work.

I would encourage the new manager to stay open to a different way to accomplish the same task. They will need to determine and communicate what are acceptable differences between the way they did it and the way the employee might be doing it.

The key for the new manager is to be open to the idea that there might be ways to do it differently that are better, if not at least just as good.

Check out my video, Managing a Micro Manager to learn more.

Got a tough work situation, send me your questions. You may just inspire the next newsletter.