Mom working on her laptop and holding her baby

Pandemic times have been challenging as it involves working from home plus an added responsibility of working for home. Our life’s little wonders; our kids are now forced to be home with us 24/7. The working-class is attuned to using services like the nannies, day-care centers, schools, and playpens during the day. But Corona has now forced to transition working from home, tending to children, and at the same time taking the ownership of all these services upon themselves.

Mom working on her laptop and holding her baby

Several men have joined hands and are now glamorously posing with mops, cooking meals, and changing diapers/keeping the kids busy. These days households work in divided into three or usually four shifts, one for their profession, next for their home (where the domestic help are deeply missed), a rotational shift between mom-dad to tend to their children and keeping them busy and finally managing food and kitchen.

Women have been master managers. They gave birth to multi-tasking and have a natural knack to manage multiple tasks. So don’t let the current situation deter you. Though, there would be some moms who would have devised unique ways to handle calls, meetings, and emails while taking care of the kid. The secret behind that is prepping up!

Planning: A project starts with planning. An idea can only materialize if it is planned well, otherwise, it only leads to chaos. The best part about work from home is that you don’t get that many surprises. The work schedule is mostly planned. There are times set for conference calls and meetings, and deadlines are already pre-defined. With commute limited, there aren’t many urgent meetings or call that just pop-up. Similarly, plan for your kid. Based on your work schedule, plan out different activities for the kid. Activities that would keep them engaged. Kids are very spirited, so they won’t be satisfied with just one activity. Depending on your kid’s focus span, plan out different activities.

Exercise: Kids are full of energy, the energy that we seldom wish we had. One of the first activities that you can design is exercising. There is no dearth of YouTube Channels, Phone Apps that provide step-by-step tutorials of exercises that kids can do. The best option, given the current scenario, would be Yoga. Builds immunity, agility, and the best part helps build calmness and focus. In my endeavors to make fitness part of life, I got my kid to start his day with a yoga routine. I have captured some of the ‘asanas’ that kids can do on the blog below.

Yoga poses for kids – 6 Easy Yoga Poses for Kids

Reading and Writing: You may also get them to practice reading Bhagavad Gita or any other book, in parts and legends defined. Let them write or record their learning. You can get books delivered if you are worried about screen time. Otherwise, here are some more educative online channels which can keep kids reading – Content Writing classes, Scholastic Learn at Home, and Duolingo.

Household Chores: This could be made fun as well. In foreign cultures, children are made to help in completing small chores. Chores like making their bed, cleaning their rooms, organizing their wardrobes, and helping grandparents. You can make this fun for the kids. Engage kids in organizing their rooms, wardrobes, or study table. Give them a brownie point if they do something innovative or if they do a very neat job. Similarly, you can have them help the elderly, making their beds, and helping them during the day. Remember, these would not only make your child disciplined but will also help them in the future.

Online Classes: Most schools have adopted online classes and are running them successfully. So if your kid’s school is online, then that is one schedule that you don’t have to worry about. You can set the phone, laptop, or computer set up near you so you know they are learning. But for those parents where online schools are not yet available, here are some sites that you can make your kid learn.

8 Free Sites that Make Learning Fun

Extra-Curricular Activities: Every Set-top-box company has a variety of channels that teach students to dance, art & craft, and many other extra-curricular activities. You can have them subscribe to one of those channels. The best part, these channels are entertaining and engaging. Again, allowing the kid to burn that extra energy bars. Dance with Debbie (Youtube channel)- shake to the music with Debbie Allen, join her on Instagram. Then there is Mrs. Nene. You can follow her YouTube Channel, Dance with Madhuri, to get your kids, suave dance masters.

Online Games and Art: Few games that kids can play and learn are Plantae, Minecraft, Pictoword, I love hue too, etc. Few DIY activities for kids that will help them learn and engage -Fingerprint art, Paint and repurpose your old glass bottles, Paper-plate dream catcher.

Such hopeful thoughts imbibe optimism and prep them for the times ahead.