Manifesting An Aligned Career

There is nothing more soul satisfying then waking up everyday and feeling like you’re making an impact in the world. Can you imagine the feeling of stepping out of bed with complete control to create your day as you like it? Where your time is spent expanding, growing and adding value to the world? What would that look like? What would that feel like? I believe everyone is called to live like this, and the more we ignore this calling, the further we part from our inner selves. When manifesting an aligned career, consider the following things.

Ignoring the soul’s calling is a sure-fire way to end up sick, depressed and depleted

In my opinion when we ignore our calling disease (dis-ease) kicks in as our outer world is out of sync with our inner world. As humans we like to play it safe. Our ego enjoys stability and routine, it wants to keep us out of harms way; the ego’s intention is good but exactly the opposite of the soul’s calling. The soul knows you’ll never fail. It knows that you have the universe supporting you infinitely when you move in the direction of your calling. Your soul emits a frequency of unconditional love, unconditional faith and unconditional support when you’re tuned in.

Your soul knows best, it’s always moving you towards your next action

We are so accustomed to listening to the tiny, nagging voice in our head that’s telling us to play it safe. This voice can become so loud, that it totally drowns out the hum of the soul. The soul doesn’t speak as loud; in fact, it doesn’t speak at all. The soul communicates in feelings and emotions, so the quickest way to tell if you are in alignment with your soul is by the way you feel. This is an excellent indicator if you are on the right career path or not.

Does thinking about your career light you up or make you feel heavy, depleted and uninspired?

Think about what you do for work. What is the initial reaction in your body? What is the first feeling that surfaces before the thoughts begin to kick in and rationalize or justify? You may not be able to pinpoint that automatic emotion that surfaces but you can likely feel if it is uplifting or depleting, light or dark, high or low vibe. No matter what that initial feeling is, by now your mind is probably starting a narrative justifying either position, but acknowledge the initial feeling and the truth it holds.

What would you do everyday if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Ask yourself this question. Maybe you’ll get a clear answer right away, maybe you’ll need to journal this out, meditate on it for a bit, or play with how a few different options feel. Don’t let your ego overhaul this answer. Do not censor or rationalize your answer in any way. There is no need to figure out the ‘how’ right now, all you need to consider is what lights you up, and what you would love to do every single day.

What are you hidden (or not so hidden) superpowers?

Do you have any hidden super-powers that you can leverage to launch a dream career? Are you a powerful public speaker? An animal whisperer or a photography goddess? If nothing comes to mind, ask someone that you love and respect. We all have hidden superpowers, don’t sell yourself short and just because other people may have the same power, don’t write yours off as not being unique enough.

What are you passionate about?

Whether it’s helping preserve marine environments, assisting stay at home moms launching rocking businesses or spending time in the great outdoors, I’m sure you can list off a few passions that spark something within you. Don’t worry yet if these passions make sense for a business venture; take an inventory of everything you are passionate about in your life right now.

What solution can you bring to the world?

A career aligned with your highest self is always a career of service. Though making money and having more freedom are by-products of your career purpose, the real fuel is the impact that you can make in the world and the problems you can solve. Clouds + Dirt serves the purpose of raising the vibration of humanity by inspiring women to manifest lives of epic adventure and impact. What solution or impact can you offer the world? What big a-ha’s have you had in your own life that you can share with others? This is always a good place to start.

What does your dream day look and feel like?

Now think about what your dream day looks and feels like. Where are you waking up and at what time are you getting out of bed? Who are you spending your mornings with and what are you doing? Are you working from home, from an office or from an exotic location somewhere in the world? Are you interacting with people face-to-face, connecting online or nose deep into creative projects? How many hours a day are you working? Are your days varied or relatively the same? Spend a minute journaling what your ideal day looks like, be as detailed as possible and write it in present tense (I am instead of I will).

Don’t worry about the nitty gritty

Don’t let the lack of a college degree or necessary skills hold you back. These things can be obtained, outsourced or skipped over completely in most cases. Remember, this is your ideal scenario. Don’t hold back, there are no limits to what you can create.

Putting it all together

Your most passion-fueled, purposeful and soul-aligned career is the intersection of your passion, your talent and the solution you can bring to the world. Now that you’ve done the work identifying how your current career makes you feel, dreaming about what your ideal day and career looks and feels like, and inventoried your passions, skills and solutions, it’s time to put your ideal career into an initial statement that will be the start of your career manifestation.

Your career manifestation statement should encompass the following four parts:

  1. Who you are helping
  2. How you are helping them
  3. Why you are helping them
  4. How this makes you feel

Make sure to shift and shape this statement until it feels really good to you. Read it a few times over until you noticeably feel your vibration rise. It may take a few attempts until you create a statement that truly feels aligned, don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t come together right away. If you feel you are efforting too hard, take a break, try again tomorrow. This should feel fun and effortless, the statement should flow from an aligned state, not be forced by your ego. Here is an example statement I have created for Clouds + Dirt: I raise the vibration of humanity by helping women manifest lives of impact and adventure and by teaching them the principles of law of attraction. This makes me feel expanded, joyful, purposeful and creative.

How to use your career statement

Once you have a career statement that makes your soul sing, it’s time to break it into bite sized chunks, which we can turn into affirmations, and utilized to connect with the vibration of our dream career. Break your statement into 3-4 affirmations that are easy to remember and which roll off the tongue nicely. I help women manifest lives of impact and adventure I raise the vibration of humanity through teaching the law of attraction My career makes me feel expanded, joyful and creative

Your daily career manifestation ritual

Congrats, you have done the work to identify your dream career, you have visualized your ideal day and you have some career affirmations to work with moving forward. The next step is to follow the career manifestation ritual [download here] every day until your career starts taking off. This process can be done while you are working another job, while you are busy with your family and from anywhere in the world. Kind of like kegels, you can do it anywhere at any time and no one has to know about it. I suggest doing this ritual a minimum of two times a day. Most importantly be consistent, do not try and figure out the how, your job is to feel good and allow.

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Meghan is the Creator of Clouds + Dirt and the leader of a manifestation movement, inspiring women to manifest lives of impact and adventure.
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