Maybe you’re like me. You’ve tried manifesting a change in your life by focusing on your desire. You see the details. You dream it, feel it, and connect to it. And, over time, you start believing it just isn’t going to happen. You might feel more powerless than ever because you made such an effort.

Except you and I tend to miss a crucial piece of creating a new reality for ourselves. We attach time to seeing results.

Setting an intention is like planting a seed in our garden of life. We’re asked to water it with attention. Fertilize it with feelings. Weed doubts. We’re asked to give it TLC even though there’s no evidence of the desire we’ve sown.

Dr. Joe Dispenza states that, “Life is about the management of energy, where you place your attention, is where you place your energy.” And this is what we’re called to do when we want a change in our life. We’re asked to maintain a constant energy connection to our desire.

Affirmations about focusing on what we want resonates when we begin, but time very often becomes our adversary. Our routines and responsibilities make demands, and we forget to stay steady in nurturing what we’ve planted. We don’t see evidence of change, and our commitment fades. Like looking in the garden and seeing only dirt where we planted the seed, we begin assuming nothing is happening.

To manifest change, we have to overcome the need to see results in a certain time frame. We have to keep dreaming, feeling, connecting. We need to remember our intention is a germinating seed lying beneath the surface of our life. We have to keep nurturing our desire until it’s arrival feels so natural, it’s not even an event. The seed we planted has become such a part of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that its blossom feels familiar when it appears.

Jeanne McElvaney ~ Amazon Author / Energy Guide

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