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I believe that good manners are at the essence of good communication.

Consider Emily Post’s words, (wise when she first wrote them in her Etiquette Book over a hundred years ago) and still relevant today:

“Charm cannot exist without good manners — meaning by this, not so many manners that precisely follow particular rules, as manners that have been made smooth and polished by the continuous practice of kind impulses.”

I’ve been inspired by Emily Post for years, as well as friends and entrepreneurs who communicate kindly and graciously no matter where life’s journey takes them.

Manners are essential — whether we‘re traveling for the holidays and encountering strangers or hosting at home surrounded by family and friends.

Here are 10 common sense reminders on manners as we venture into the holiday season and beyond into our daily entrepreneur life.

Being kind and empathetic is the essence of etiquette. Learn how to make others feel at ease.
Respect and consideration is a gift you can give to yourself and others. Show up early or on time. If you can’t make an event, give the host ample (several days) notice so he/she can plan.
Your poise and posture send a powerful message to others. It silently speaks volumes of your grace and character. Make eye contact and be aware of your tone of voice.
Wear appropriate and creative attire. It’s both respectful and at the same time delightful and refreshing.
Be considerate of your personal space (physical and aural).
Say please and thank you, often. Keep personalized thank you note cards and stamps with you so you can swiftly mail them off. Goal? Send within three days but remembers it’s better late than never.
Good moods brighten up any room. Be responsible for the energy you bring.
A short fuse does nothing but burn. If you find yourself with one, stay clear of others so you don’t do or say something hurtful that you will later regret.
Learn to listen, deeply. Give kind attention not only to others but also to yourself.
Even if you don’t know all the rules, let common sense, graciousness and kindness be your guide.

Most importantly, we need to remember that modern-day manners are the “continuous practice of kind impulses” that’s not only intended for others – we also especially need to extend it to ourselves.

Let me know what your favorite etiquette tips are!

Wishing you a merry & bright week ahead!