Just a quick blog today… I‘m absolutely appalled at the lack of respect there seems to be when it comes to manners… how hard is it to add please, thank you or you’re welcome to the end of your conversation and or request? Even just to be told to have a lovely day or enjoy your day… the integrity of some people is lacking so badly that I just want to crawl into a little hole and hide away from the rest of the world… it must be so difficult for some to add good manners to their vocabulary… I’ve taught my own children to have good manners and it’s just a pity there aren’t other parents out there who have done the same… when you meet a young child and he says please, thank you, you have a feeling swelling inside… what a lovely mannered child you are… it gives one a sense of pride and just knowing their parents have done a wonderful job of bringing up their children… Cudos to all those parents who see it as an important part of your children’s existence to have and use good manners… how hard is it? Honestly! When you’re walking through an aisle in the supermarket and your pushed and shoved as children walk through instead of saying, excuse me… all you hear is MOVE!! Disgusting! Manners is a part of everyone’s lives, where we are bought up from shouldn’t matter, race, creed, colour or otherwise, we should all have the decency to use the please, thank you and or you’re welcome, excuse me and so forth… how hard is it Peoplez?? Really!! Blog/Vent over… 


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    Who I am... Hi my name is Rebecca Jane Henley. Also known as Bec. My pen name is that of the same name as my Guardian Angel Alair... with Alair in reverse... that then being AlairrialA... I was born 27/05/1968. In 2018... I am now 50 yrs young, a mother of 6, my daughter Crystal 33, my son Jamie 31, my daughter Samantha 27, my daughter Katie 25, my son Brett, who was born and passed at birth, has spent the last 22 years in heaven and my youngest son Dylan 21. I am also a step mum to 1 lovely young man, Anthony 11. I’m a mother in law to one young lady, Nanna of many Grandies, I’m sure they’re not finished yet, and Great Nanna, to 2 beautiful little children, and I'm sure there will be many more too. I live in Northam Perth, Western Australia. I was Born in Adelaide, South Australia.