Chronic Lyme disease Survivor, Energy Healing Expert, and founding father of “The Light of Healing,” Mariia Tsegelnyk reveals plans to open a world school of energy healing to succeed in more people

Mariia Tsegelnyk founded “The Light of Healing” to assist thousands of individuals in several parts of the world to heal their body, improve their relationship, create financial prosperity and take their life to subsequent level. during a similar vein, Mariia recently announced plans to require energy healing to the planet with the possible opening of a world Energy Healing School.

The concept of energy healing has not particularly received the simplest of publicity over the years, with a well-liked misconception linking it to some mysterious phenomenon. because of physics revealing that everything within the universe is formed out of atoms and ultimately subatomic energies and particles of sunshine , that vibrate at specific frequencies, the concept of energy healing has become increasingly popular in recent times. Medical research has also confirmed the efficacy of Energy Healing and more hospitals across the world are starting to have Reiki rooms as a neighborhood of a treatment for his or her patients. One person who has continued to champion the Energy Healing revolution in recent times is Mariia Tsegelnyk.

Mariia Tsegelnyk founded “The Light of Healing,” a corporation that gives clients with Energy Healing and Reiki Certifications and Trainings, Group Classes, Meditations and Hypnosis, Private Energy Healing, Coaching and Hypnosis sessions. She also developed the Healing Transformation System™, combining Energy Healing with unconscious Reprogramming (Hypnosis, coaching, NLP) to make a long-lasting change within the lifetime of clients, with the advantages including improved health, relationship, finances, and overall wellbeing.

The proposed International Energy Healing School by Mariia Tsegelnyk will help the certified hypnotist and master healer reach more people across the world as she continues to form it easier for people to leverage energy healing and their unconscious to heal their bodies and make CHANGE IN ANY AREA OF THEIR LIVES. the answer is meant to heal clients from illness or any imbalance, activate the innate inner ability to heal themselves, hand over unhealthy patterns and habits, improve their health, relationship and finances.

Mariia arrived within the us in 2012 together with her Master’s in Business Management within the bag. After working within the Hospitality and Restaurant Business for a short time , she realized that she wasn’t finding fulfillment in her current career path. the search for her calling led her to yoga and a passion for the spiritual aspect of the practice.

Consequently, she became a yoga teacher with incredible successes. However, her joy was seemingly short-lived thanks to a mysterious disease that might not only affect her entire body but would take her closer to death than she could have imagined.

It all started in April 2014 while Mariia was teaching yoga when a tick bit her. What was meant to be a standard sting quickly escalated and Mariia eventually received life-transforming news that she had contracted Lyme disease that has been left undiagnosed and untreated for years. The condition affected her entire body. Her brain was inflamed, she couldn’t talk or move.

“I was bedbound, my body was aching in pain because every organ was suffering from the infection. Of course, I couldn’t work anymore. My relationship was falling apart. My whole life was falling apart as i used to be slowly dying,” said Mariia Tsegelnyk.

Mariia Tsegelnyk wouldn’t have clothed to become one among the foremost sought-after energy healing experts within the world if she allowed the debilitating illness to prevail. The certified Reiki expert discovered the inherent power of energy healing in one among the foremost unexpected ways after she was diagnosed with a life-threatening ailment.

Mariia arrived within the us in 2012 following the completion of a Master’s programme in Business Management from Ukraine and Norway. She became successful in hospitality and restaurant industry. However, she wanted more out of life and decided to travel into yoga, especially the spiritual aspect of it, to fulfil her calling. After teaching yoga successfully for a few time, life happened and Mariia was diagnosed with Lyme disease , which was untreated for years.

“In April 2014 my life will change forever. it had been gorgeous day outside, i used to be teaching yoga class at the park, and that i got bit by a tick. I’ve contracted Lyme disease that has been left undiagnosed and untreated for years. Nobody knew what was happening with me. I couldn’t walk, move, speak, think (my brain was inflamed), couldn’t hear any sounds that were louder than a whisper, because it would hurt my ears, i used to be bedbound, my body was aching in pain, because every organ was suffering from infection. Of course, I couldn’t work anymore. My relationship was falling apart. My whole life was falling apart as i used to be slowly dying,” said Mariia.

Coming out of such a disaster wasn’t just a miracle to the planet , especially as doctors didn’t HAVE MUCH HOPE FOR HER to travel BACK TO NORMAL LIFE. THE DAMAGE TO YOUR BODY HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE. WE ARE JUST DOING the simplest we will .” However, Mariia put a twist thereto by practically self-healing after discovering Energy Healing. “I knew there’s how . how to heal myself, to possess an honest life and everything I desired: great health, a tremendous relationship, and a career that i’m hooked in to . At that moment I just had to seek out a solution . And I did. I even have discovered the facility of Energy Healing and our unconscious ,” Mariia said.