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For episode 3 of The Thrive Global Podcast, in partnership with iHeartRadio, Thrive Global founder and CEO Arianna Huffington sits down with business mogul, Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban, where he shares his best advice for new grads.

“One of my favorite sayings is, ‘It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, just have to be right once,’” Cuban says.

He explains that he’s failed countless times: At a company that sold powdered milk and at jobs he’s gotten fired from. But he says they were all learning experiences.

“It goes to the heart of kids who are graduating today,” he says. “They ask about jobs and I always like to tell them you don’t have to get the perfect job. When you’re 22, 23, 24, there’s no such thing as failure, really.”

Whatever job they take, they’re getting paid to learn — and it’s well worth it, he says. “I also tell kids, I truly believe each and every one of us is really good at something. The hard part is finding out what that is…You have to try and experience as many things as you can, and once you get there then try to be as good as you can at it.”

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