The businessman was born and raised in a humble background. Mark Neilson grew up in Cordova, Alaska. Since his family could not afford to build a better house, they stayed in a trailer during his early years. Mark’s father worked as a commercial fisherman and his mom as a casual laborer in different places to make ends meet.

His parents worked hard to ensure that Mark Neilson and his siblings had everything they needed as they were growing up. During an interview, the entrepreneur disclosed that they never had much during their early years, and they struggled to get by.

Mark’s parents encouraged them to work hard at a young age for what they wanted to achieve in their lives with honesty and integrity. He is passionate about helping other people succeed in what they do. In one of his interviews, the businessman revealed that he thrives on watching other people win.

Since he grew up in a low-income family, Mark Neilson loves to see other people from poor similar family backgrounds grow from nothing to become the best in what they do in their careers. Between the age of 19 and 21, the business executive moved to Denmark, where he served a mission for his church.

He later moved to WA and then CA. Currently, Mark Neilson lives in San Jose, CA. He has had many achievements during his career. He founded three clubs, been chosen among the top ten agents in American Income three times, and been named the producer of the year in 2013.

In 2017, he was ranked fourth as a manager and first position among regional managers in 2018. He was also named 2017, 2018 AO leader of the year. Mark Neilson has been recognized as one of the best producers over the years.

For example, he is one of the top 5 weekly record-holders as a producer. In July 2019, he became the first in AO to gross 1 million in one month. The business executive also holds the AO regional manager’s monthly and yearly records. 

Some of the most notable achievements during his entire career is becoming the first AO regional to break 7 million in one year, the first producer to net 150,000 in a month, two times producer record for 2012 and 2014, first AO regional manager to net 400,000 in production in one week, and becoming an AO knight.

When asked why and when he started entrepreneurship, he said that he has been passionate about entrepreneurship during his entire life. During his early years, his parents ran small businesses to enable them to make ends meet. 

Mark Neilson would help his parents to run and manage his family businesses. Some of the businesses that his parents had started include firework stands and Christmas trees. 

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, the business mogul worked in the electrical sector. During his work in the electrical field, he realized that his hard work and the number of working hours did not matter, and he had to wait for someone in an organization to retire or die for him to be promoted. 

Therefore, he decided to leave his job and start doing something where he would be paid what he was worth. He always worked hard in his work and wanted to get out what he put in. He joined the insurance sector at the age of 21, where he has worked for more than ten years now. 

Mark Neilson defines success as when someone’s processes are working for themselves and others. He believes that he has achieved success when his entire team wins. According to him, success is when one achieves the goals they set out to accomplish in their career.

He believes that entrepreneurs should strive for excellence in everything they do. Mark is always willing to put in the work wherever and whenever necessary, and that sets him apart from other entrepreneurs in the insurance industry. 

For example, he is always ready to get back to work at any time and day as long as his business needs him. Over the years, Mark has always taken advantage of every opportunity, and that has also had a positive impact on his career.