Marco Calamassi is an entrepreneur. He works in marketing and e-commerce space. Marco is the founder of BrandsBuilder, a branding company which helps influencers, web personalities, celebrities and media companies develop their own brand, product or service that speaks to their audience.

What is your background ?

My background is in Business Management. But I’ve been involved with online commerce since I was 10, was just becoming a thing and while my friends were outside playing soccer, I was searching suppliers in China and order a full ship container of goods.

What was your first business venture ?

First “online” business I managed to setup was buying and selling sneakers. It was the early history of Ebay and online sales were starting to skyrocket, at the end of the past century. Economies were booming and consumerism was at its peak. I was 10 and making between 5 and 8k a month.

How do you cope with stress and pressure in such a high expectations and results driven industry ?

The answer will sound simplistic but it’s all about good planning. When I was young I was creatively disorganized, like a burst of action and creativity. That un-planned action plan often led to hurdles, stress and failures. When I get into any business, project or objective I make sure I take all the time needed in planning it in details. Setting small achievable stepping stones and move forward through them. Once the planned is done, I don’t have to ruminate about the future or too-far-ahead goals that might seem unreachable at that moment. I  only focus on that very next small step ahead of me.

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