To gain success as an entrepreneur, or say entrepreneurial success. We talk a lot on this hot topic, don’t we? I have seen many good enthusiastic young entrepreneurs Nowadays around the place. I use to write on them because I love the way they remain discipline to their life focus and work hard on their work to make a difference in people’s lives. This time I have chosen one from Austria who is pretty young and the smart guy knows how to make money in life. A budding Entrepreneur of Austria Markus Martl.

You may believe success is defined by money, fame, happiness, material items, etc. But success does not come with a one-size-fits-all label. Success must be defined by your own labels.

The meaning of success is different for each person. You may not fit into other people’s definition of success, but you can give yourself permission to be OK with that. Success is an individual concept. Here’s the exciting part: You get to define and design your own success, which will become the blueprint for you to follow throughout your life. Developing your own success blueprint also means that you get to create success on your own terms.

Success is an attitude. Success requires maximum effort. It is peace of mind and a state of mind. And please note the emphasis on “self” in self-satisfaction. Your success should never be determined by the approval or recognition of others. If so, you’ll live a highly disappointing life.

Succeeding requires giving up other people’s beliefs around success. Forget about what other people think about success and stop comparing yourself to them. Some people think success is defined as having tons of money, fame and fortune. The reality is that success is defined in many ways, but it must come from within to motivate true success on your terms. By understanding and valuing who you are and why you desire success, it’s easier to tap into your true value by becoming more aware of your strengths, skills and existing knowledge.

Defining your own success means knowing why you want it. For example, when you say, “I want success!” what do you really want?

Dream Big

This is really simple: If you have the idea to begin something, you should at least have a BIG dream in mind of what success or self-fulfillment will look like. That comes through the power of imagination. Imagination needs to lead to organized planning.

That is where the definition of success kicks in, which is then followed by objectives, goals and tasks- from the large to small-scale efforts. If you’re serious about becoming great at what you do and reaching your maximum potential, you will find the time to define what success means for you.

Your Move

I implore you to put in writing what success is for you and, to share it with others. Doing this will give it life! Your success should always derive from the values and principles that you hold dear: Tried and true qualities that have stood the test of time.

Qualities that you have observed and admired in the lives of others- either in the present or through figures in history. Qualities that you have already put in practice in your own life that have helped you to increase in favor and abundance of faith, happiness and peace of mind.

“Every new entrepreneur should seek out a mentor who can guide them in the beginning of their business pursuits,”. “If you don’t have good mentorship, you’ll spend so much of your time trying to figure out the right and wrong ways of doing things. It is better to save time and achieve success faster by listening to the advice of a mentor who already knows about these things.”

Of course, there is only so much that an entrepreneur can do without a positive mindset. A mentor cannot show you the way to achieve success if you are not willing to do the work to achieve it. This is another trap that a lot of entrepreneurs will face because they expect their mentors to do everything for them. 

Apart from all the hard work and passion, what also matters is the right kind of support from the right people to gain success in life.