A 90-year-old couple sitting at the park, watching the sunset together, holding hands, whats more calm and peaceful having true soul besides you. But what exactly make two individuals to keep the spark alive in the relationship, after years of dating? How did you manage to overcome marriage, relationship problems or deal with the life hurdles? What’s your trade of a happy life?

It’s a well known saying that cultivating a happy marriage requires time and work. But, what plays a vital part in all is money and finance. No matter how hard you guys are trying to merge your lives, your money can be bumpy (but still beautiful!) ride.

Here are the five common mistakes which couples generally make while trading in love, relationship, and marriage.

Disagree on each other opinions:

Once we get into a relationship, every time we try to look perfect and for Goodwill. Chances are we likely to adopt new things, which are not even our cup of tea, but we prefer to give a try because we are trading into a relationship? How many of us have felt this?

Changing yourself for someone is not good when we are not sure about the other person. Picking a good trader to follow, just for the sake of heart is not the right way, don’t let yourself fall that rabbit hole especially when you don’t have enough zeros in your bank account.

Keeping separate accounts:

Most of the couples think keeping different accounts is the best way to avoid nasty money conversations. With doing this, we can live happily. His paycheck goes to his account, and hers goes into another, and they each pay bills separately. But, they don’t know, this lays the groundwork for financial problems as time goes on.

Prioritize each other needs:

Sometimes, we delve ourselves so much into marriage or relationship, that we forget who we are? We keep on focusing on doing that what makes our other half happy and their life easy and enjoyable. According to relationship advisers: Its good to put 100% in relationship, love or marriage, but it’s also important to get the same respect and efforts.

Don’t let your expectations get the best of them:

Great saying – Expectations hurt! If you thought of getting a house, world-tour immediately after the marriage, but somehow could not able to fulfill, you might feel let down celebrating your first anniversary at the same renting apartments. Don’t let the unrealistic expectations destroy your present.

Treat Marriage, love, relationship as long-term commitment:

The couples who stayed together with an idea of marriage should always last long happily. Because they know what keeps them happy and what exactly they want with their life. These type of couples are more sorted and go through years of relationship hardship- sticking through it was a smart decision.

Successful stock traders do not marry their stocks, and they only date them for as long as they are profitable.