Martial arts is a way for individuals to get fit while learning some self-defense techniques. There are so many different kinds of martial arts that all have a different focus for its teachings. Martial arts are great for individuals who may feel like they need more confidence and knowledge of what to do when faced with a potentially violent situation. Women think about their safety and well-being every day. Whether it’s walking down the street or merely entering their home alone, women are constantly worrying about who’s around and what they would do if they were attacked. Martial arts can help make women feel more comfortable with the following skills.

Social Courage

A majority of women who are victims of attack know their attackers. According to UN Women,  137 women worldwide are killed by a member of their own family every day. It is essential to understand how to handle situations even before they may even occur, to hopefully prevent any attack happening. Martial arts can teach more than just fighting techniques; it can give women confidence and social skills that could change relationships. A great thing for women to learn is what they can do to prevent them from being a target of attack. For example, walking confidently with your head held high and saying a calm “hey” can deter street harassers or attackers as it humanizes you and the other individual. Another advantageous technique is simply learning to say no. There are so many situations where a woman doesn’t feel confident or may even feel unable to say no to an individual. Although it’s such simple word, it allows you to set boundaries and let others know with what you are and are not comfortable.

Physical Defense

Martial arts is very well known for its physical fighting movements. There are a wide variety of martial arts styles, each that teach different techniques. Some are more suited for self-defense than others, such as Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga. Tae Kwon Do focuses on kicking and punching techniques, which is excellent for women to learn. Krav Maga focuses on teaching how to react in armed and unarmed attacks. It is particularly helpful for women because it teaches mental and physical techniques for what to do when faced with a violent situation. It also focuses on how to turn a body part, like an elbow, into a weapon. Knowing the proper way to use force could change the outcome of a predicament.

Martial arts is an excellent way for women to learn to take control of a situation. It will not guarantee that you won’t face a potentially violent situation, but it will give you the tools to set boundaries beforehand and the skills for how to react.