Martin Polanco

Staying confined at home is indeed helpful to prevent the spreading of the novel coronavirus, but at the same time, prolonged confinement can lead to other health issues. The latter is a bigger challenge than combating the Covid19 pandemic, especially for older adults. They have a compromised immune system or suffer from some chronic ailment like lung and heart disease, diabetes, and renal disease that can make them soft targets for the virus. Younger people are vulnerable to colossal stress developed from disrupted living constraints while following the restrictive measures like physical distancing, home quarantine, and other health advisories about hygiene and safety, observes Martin Polanco.  Mental stress can be dangerous as it leaves people depressed and weakens their fight against the pandemic by making them sick for other reasons.

To meet the challenge of staying healthy while you spend most of your time at home, ensure that you maintain an active lifestyle despite the limitations. Depending on the situation and circumstances you face, walk some distance, whether outdoor or indoor, regularly to keep your fitness. Indoor walking means moving across your home several times to cover some targeted distance. What you gain from leading an active life at home will be clear ongoing through this article.

Strengthen immunity, the first advice from Martin Polanco

The most potent weapon to fight the pandemic is the body immunity that we are born with. As we grow, the immunity becomes stronger as it receives adequate support from the body’s metabolic activities. Those with stronger immunity can better cope with the novel coronavirus that cannot damage even if infected. Regular exercise helps build a more robust immune system and reduces the risks of the virus’s severity, although it might not always help prevent the disease. The effects will be relatively mild, and recovery will be faster.

Relieve stress and anxiety

We face unprecedented challenges of living regular lives due to the pandemic and experiencing too much physical and mental stress affecting our wellness and wellbeing. Stress is dangerous because it can impact the immune system and weaken it, thereby increasing exposure to the virus. Regular exercising improves the immune system because the chemicals released in the brain due to rigorous body movements are great stress busters and you feel refreshed and energized after exercise.  Serotonin and endorphins are chemicals that the body releases during exercises and elevate mood, which adds a feel-good factor. It helps to overcome depressions and anxiety and, in the process, keeps us happy.

Blood pressure control

Regular physical activities are suitable for the heart because it keeps blood pressure under control while lowering the chances of cholesterol buildup. High blood pressure is a killer as it damages the entire cardiovascular system and not the heart alone, thereby increasing the risks of heart attacks and strokes. High blood pressure also causes type-2 diabetes and aggravates the condition for those already affected by the disease.

Avoid overeating and control your food habits to ensure that you have healthy and nutritious foods that keep your weight under control.