Martin Polanco

This is the 22nd century and there is hardly anyone unaware of the term mental health. Most people today understand that the health of the mind is as important as physical health but there is still a huge number of people who can’t get over the stigma that is associated with mental health. This is an issue that is very serious and needs to end.

Martin Polanco Shares Efforts to End the Stigma

Efforts are being made all around the world by people to put an end to this stigma and it has been helpful too. But, every individual needs to put in efforts so that this stigma could end and people can openly talk about their mental health and get over their issues quickly and easily without having to worry about the judgment of others.

The stigma has been built over the years and it would not be easy to break it in an instant. But if the goal is to break it eventually then it is necessary to start taking steps today. To do so, here are some ways in which this stigma can be fought.

Educating people about it

Mental stigma exists because people do not know enough about mental health. They are unaware of the struggles of those who battle with mental issues in life. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that is essential to end the stigma is to educate people about it. Telling the stories of struggle and trying to highlight the seriousness of the issue would prove to be helpful in this case.


Another essential thing is listening when it comes to mental health. People who have issues related to mental health often feel isolated, lonely, and unheard. Listening to them would not only be helpful for them but also for the ones who are listening. This would make people aware of the hardships of such people and once enough people start talking about such issues openly, the stigma would end.

Realizing that anyone can have a mental illness

What must be understood is that there is no point in the stigma if anyone can suffer from this issue. It is normal and people of all ages and all walks of life can have issues related to mental health.

People can recover

The most important thing among all of this is that people can recover from almost all sorts of issues related to mental health. It is true that if anyone has a mental disorder or is dealing with any type of mental issues, his life can become hard but that is only temporary. Any such issue can be dealt with proper attention and healthcare. To break the stigma, spreading awareness about recovery is also very essential.

All of these are important if the goal is to end the stigma around mental health. The key to doing so as per Martin Polanco is to open up. Instead of harboring the issues, people need to open up so that the world can learn better to become aware and to provide better support to those who are suffering.