Martin Polanco

Due to COVID-19, people stayed at home to avoid the spread of this virus in this uncertain situation. However, it has also had a significant impact on the fitness of the people and the realm of work. Therefore, people should stay fit and active if they do not want to fall prey to other health issues. In addition, the employers in an organization should also arrange some wellness activities to keep the employees fit.

As an organization owner, you must look after the wellness of your employees if you want productive work in return from them.  It would help if you created awareness among the employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. You must arrange some business challenges in your organization to maintain the health and fitness of your employees. It will not only help the employees to lead a healthier life but will also change their lives at work.

Reward your employees for wellness activities as suggested by Martin Polanco

Once the participants win any wellness challenge, could you encourage them by giving them rewards? For example, ask any local businessmen to provide their products or services at a discount. For example, ask a local restaurant to offer a 30% discount to the participant who wins the challenge. It will motivate the employees to take part in the challenge, which will help them stay positive and healthy.

Stay cautious

Taking part in challenges will cause people to perform physical activity that can sometimes be dangerous. Ask them to consult their healthcare provider if they can take part in a particular challenge. The motive behind these challenges is to make people happy and encourage them to live healthy lives but not at the cost of their health. Therefore, advise your employees to stay cautious.

Ideas for corporate challenges

Mentioned below are some of the ideas to maintain the health of your employees.


  • Create awareness among your employees to sleep at least seven hours a day.
  • As you already know, how important it is to drink plenty of water. You can give your employees a task to drink a certain amount of water in a day. And if they win this task, it is time for you to reward them.
  • Encourage your employees to take a walk in the afternoon after lunch.
  • Prompt them to exercise daily for a certain period to earn a point.
  • A point should be credited to them if they avoid junk food.

Health risk

  • If the employees lose particular inches of the waist, then they can win the challenge.
  • Employees who quit certain habits such as smoking can win the challenge.


  • Ask your employees to share lunch with their co-workers. Doing so will help them to earn a point.
  • Encourage your employees to arrange a birthday celebration for their co-workers. The one who does so will make a point.  

Emotional or personal growth

Although people are advised to stay indoors during this pandemic, you can ask your employees to go outdoors for a certain period by taking precautions. Reward them with a point for visiting the outdoors each day, says Martin Polanco.

Wellness activities in an organization will help to create a positive and friendly environment within the expanse. You can take the ideas mentioned above or improvise these ideas but make sure that the motive behind these tasks is to help the employees lead a happier, positive, and healthy life.