Neither blogging nor making music is an easy task. Both are quite difficult and need great effort to do. Not everyone can do them. After hard work of several hours, a blogger comes up with a quality blog. Again a blogger also has to keep several things in mind to make the blog successful for the readers to understand any topic.

A teenage schoolboy, used to read hundreds of blogs every day regularly which inspired him to share his thoughts through writing blogs. With zero experience, Maruf Parvez started writing blogs at the age of 13. At that time, the opportunity to publish a writing in a blog was not so available and as a beginner teenage boy, the opportunity was too tiny to him as he had no experience about the manner of doing that. But Maruf didn’t get discouraged.

Maruf used to write blogs and publish them in his social media profiles in the first place. His friends and social media connections praised his writing highly and he had got a very good response from them. But as there were not so many audiences in his social media profiles, the amount of response was not so great. But his friends inspired him and were very supportive in the first place. Their support and inspiration helped him keep motivated to keep writing. He was being good at writing over the time as he was used to write each blog every day on different topics.

After a year, he was trying to get his writing published on a blog website. He started contacting blog website admins and many of them were convinced as his writing quality was very improved that time and he used to write regular blogs. Then his writing was started publishing on several blog websites and there he has got a very good response as well. His writing skill was unique and readers loved it. His different presentation style and skill to use relatable examples amazed other bloggers also.

At the age of 15, he continued to write blogs every day and about ten to fifteen thousand people used to read them every day. He had achieved a very good position in various blogs at that time and built a very good relationship with thousands of his regular readers. Now after some years, he is a quite familiar name in terms of blogging in his community and everyone can recognize him as a successful blogger. Like him, many others get inspired to start writing from his story and reading his blogs. Maruf also motivates others to do something besides study, this can be blogging, photography, web development, singing, dancing or whatever someone likes to do. At last, let’s read one of his quote and get inspired, “If you really like doing something good, it will head you to success!”