Marvin Francois

Meet Marvin Francois, the founder, and owner of Francois Capital. He shifted from stand-up comedy after three years of performing at colleges and comedy clubs all across the country and now teaches people how to build and leverage their credit. He believes in focusing on the goals and staying down until one comes up.

Marvin’s inspiration behind his work

Marvin says that the first time he realized how weak his financial foundation was when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everyone was stuck inside. ‘Every dollar I was making up until that point, I had to leave the house to get it. I didn’t have any passive income.’ says Francois. He realized that he needed other reliable sources of income as well. From that moment on, he promised himself that he would work extremely well to establish businesses and invest in assets that would take care of him and even his future generations.

Mistakes that Francois learned from

The fear of missing out was probably one of the biggest mistakes, according to Marvin. He believes that a big part of one’s success as an entrepreneur comes from sacrifice. ‘You can’t make every birthday party, and you can’t go out every weekend thinking that your business is going to be successful.’ says Marvin. He shares a mindful quote given by Gary Vee, ‘Don’t get fancy until it’s time to get fancy. Whoever holds their breath the longest wins.’

A life-altering moment for Marvin Francois

‘Dropping out of school was probably the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done.’ marks Marvin. He says that many people who were closest to him doubted him, questioned his decision, and some people even cut him off because of that decision. Marvin remembers dealing with fear and anxiety at the time. He didn’t know if he was making a huge mistake. However, five years later, he believes that it’s one of the best decisions he has ever made in my life.

Valuable advice by Marvin

Francois advises people to get started and figure it out as they go along. He says that it’s imperative to research anything before one starts their business. However, a common mistake entrepreneurs make is trying to find an answer to every question before they’ve taken that first step. He states that experience is the best teacher for entrepreneurs. They don’t need to know it all to get started. ‘Yes, you’ll make mistakes, yes you’re going to fall flat on your face 999,997 times, but that’s a part of the game.’ says Marvin.