Daily living

Here are 6 steps for Daily Living. It’s a way to improve and achieve your everyday goals. Follow these steps to be the best version of yourself.

Step 1: Meditate

You have an obligation to yourself to keep your mind healthy. Every day in the morning invest some time in meditation and deep breathing. Meditation will provide the best way to start your day calm and in a positive direction. We wash our clothes and the floor to keep them clean. it is an important practice to wash our minds clean as well. A clean mind will help bring out all of the best ideas from yourself. Meditation is a scientific method to keep this area clean. A man once said, “The playground or battlefield is the area in between our ears.”

Step 2: Affirm

Positive affirmations are the words that you say with emotion to yourself that will penetrate your subconscious mind. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself to help guide your mental positivity back on track. Good positive affirmations are phrases such as I am bold, I am confident and I am fearless. I can and I will. Program your mind with motivational thoughts. Mentally rehearse your objectives and visualize yourself achieving them. A positive mental attitude will help you achieve your goals.

Step 3: Scribe

Write your plans and tasks. The act of writing focuses your mind on the objective. It tunes your brain and fires the neurons to help you succeed in your objective. Make a daily to-do list the night before to help guide you in the right direction.

Step 4: Time-Manage

Time management is a key factor in achieving your goals quickly and efficiently. Prioritize your most important tasks over the easiest tasks. As you finish your higher priority tasks you will feel more successful and keep your mind in a positive direction to help you finish your entire task list for the day. As you get more organized you will have greater freedom and flexibility in your day to make the necessary changes.

Step 5: Exercise

We have talked a lot about your mind, however, to be at the peak of your health you have to exercise as well. Stretching and physical exercises help in reinforcing our physical, mental and emotional wellness. It increases our energy and enhances our thinking ability. Doing some form of exercise on a daily basis helps in creating a virtuous cycle. It will improve your metabolism, which will improve your digestion and thus improve your vitality. 

Step 6: Read

Read inspiring quotes and gather knowledge about your goals from various sources. Reading topics that are relevant to you will enrich your life. It will empower you to reach your goals and help spread that knowledge to others. This will bring you closer to your own positive thinking and next breakthroughs.

6 steps for daily living: Meditate Affirm Scribe Time-Manage Exercise Read

Incorporating these 6 steps in your life will bring you closer to excellence and the best version of yourself.