How to stop stalling and start living

Why Abundance Scares Us

People fear wealth.


They are afraid of change.

People associate wealth with change. People hate change. Change means:

*Doing things differently

*Learning new skills

*Facing new challenges

We are products of habits.

Think about it. We like to do things the same way even when it doesn’t make sense.

-We want to lose weight but don’t plan our meals.

-We want to watch less television but don’t find new interests.

-We want to take that awesome trip but don’t bother to research the place, cost, or best deals.

The journey to wealth requires new habits

New habits help us overcome the excuses that keep us from wealth. How often have you stopped from growing because of thoughts like this:

“If I make too much money my friends won’t like me anymore.”

“My parents will be ashamed if I earn more than them.”

“I don’t want to be seen as a rich jerk or a phony.”

These fears work for one reason:The fear and anxiety of new habits outweighs our desire for growth.

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Isn’t that crazy? That is how we are wired. Knowing our shortcomings is our advantage. We can’t change how our minds react. We can create habits to anticipate shortcomings and overcome them.

How to Get Better

What if there was a simple principle to overcome fear and anxiety? There is.

You want to get better? You want to secure:



*A richer life

*And do it all without being a jerk?

You need to learn The Abundance Principle. To do that we first need to learn what ‘abundance’ is.

What is Abundance

Wealth is about creating abundance. Understanding what abundance is starts with knowing what it is not.

What Abundance isn’t:

Abundance is not a path to stuff. Don’t confuse stuff for abundance. Abundance is not excess.

Don’t be stupid and mistake having a lot of new stuff with having abundance. The goal of abundance is to make the decisions we want.

Abundance is using wealth to create freedom of choice.


I took a 15 day trip to Peru. The experience was amazing.

Trip Highlights:

*Meeting and staying with Peru’s most famous living artist (Delfin)

*Having uninterrupted time with my partner

*Swimming with Sea Lions

*Seeing Macchu Picchu

*Walking the beach at sunset

*Coming back not anxious about bills or taking 15 days off

Freelancing earned me the abundance to:

-Take off fifteen days

-Enjoy myself

-And return without being broke.

The Experience of Abundance

Abundance is a personal experience. Abundance isn’t about luxury (although it can be if that matters to you). Abundance is about securing the freedom to choose the things you love without worry.

Ask yourself this.

“What would you do, where would you go, and what would you buy if you didn’t have to worry about the price?”

For me abundance was a 15 day trip to Peru. Some people hate travel but love food and wine. They won’t bat an eye at spending $1,000 on a bottle of wine.

Some people see abundance as personally tailored clothes, other people see it as growing their bank account. Abundance is different for every person.

The one similarity in abundance is how to secure it. You want to secure abundance, create wealth and live a rich life on your terms? You need to learn The Abundance Principle.

The Abundance Principle

Securing abundance is not hard. To become abundant you need to do three things:

1)Understand You Want Experience:

Don’t correlate cost with experience.

People fail to do the things they want, buy the things they like, or try new things because they correlate cost with experience. People see cost as what they can’t get if they spend the money. That is a scarcity mindset. The wealthiest people beat scarcity by valuing the greater experience over the cost.

2)Plan for Abundance:

Wishing won’t make it so.

Wanting something won’t accomplish anything. Wanting to lose weight won’t keep you from reaching for that fourth slice of pizza. Having a plan is the fastest way to achieve your abundance.

Example:When I decided to go to Peru I tallied the cost, picked a date, and figured how much more I needed to earn to go.

Planning for the finish line means you know where to go and how to get there.

3)Lean Into The Challenge:

Learn to love the challenge.

Securing abundance means being resilient. Your journey won’t be easy. Growing resilience transforms roadblocks into interesting puzzles instead of anxiety producers. Become interested in the difficult and you’ll be able to stay the course no matter how hard things gets.

Key Takeaway

The wealthiest people are often the happiest but it isn’t their money that makes them happy. What makes wealthy people happy is the abundance and freedom their wealth affords them.

If you want to become wealthy identify what you want, how to get there, and see the path to it as interesting no matter how hard the challenge.

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