Are you one of the 500 million people worldwide suffering from sleep disorders? The direct financial cost of sleep problems is nearly $16 billion annually, spent on treatments in the pursuit of a better night’s sleep. The indirect costs are even greater. Over the years getting enough sleep has been effectively de-prioritized in our modern world with the serious health consequences of sleep deprivation quickly adding up over time. Organizing your surroundings, maintaining a routine sleep schedule and avoiding the use of electronic screens before bed are just a few changes that provide your mind and body with the opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation, which can lend itself to a more restful sleep.

Sleep science has taught us that sound is a critical element to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc. (ASTI) has successfully established itself in this market with best-selling sound machines that redefine the science of sleep. When ASTI opened its doors in 2008, sleep deprivation was not fully recognized as a problem. With a mission to bring awareness to the problem and create products that would solve it, ASTI has been helping the world sleep better. The team has spent over a decade developing a wide range of sound machines that use pleasant sound to mask noise disturbances and block them out; helping your brain focus on soothing sounds that help you relax, sleep and stay asleep.

In areas where population densities continue to increase it becomes more difficult to maintain a personal environment that is conducive to sleep.  Sound masking is a key technology to promote going to sleep and staying asleep. The impact of poor sleep on physical and mental health has long been understood and white noise and natural sound machines have been shown to improve sleep.

For decades sound conditioners have been used as a way to soothe anyone that suffers from restlessness or is kept up throughout the night from annoying disturbances. The number of available sound machines has widely grown over the years, but the quality and effectiveness span a wide range with most machines leaving a lot to be desired, or even disturbing sleep. When selecting a sound conditioner, it is important to find one that provides high-quality non-looping sounds. When we founded ASTI, we realized that sleep deprivation wasn’t being recognized as a serious problem, and with the ceaseless rise of technology we knew people were worrying less about sleep and more about the screens in front of them. Ten years later with a team of highly skilled engineers, advisors and a century of experience in the industry, ASTI has been paving the way to ensure everyone is getting the sleep they need, fulfilling a void they did not know they had in the first place. With an extensive range of non-looping sounds and its patented Adaptive Sound Technology, ASTI adds an element of superior sound and quality that is unmatched.

Recently, ASTI also received proof of the positive benefits users experienced with Sound+Sleep by conducting an independent clinical validation study. Unlike any other sound machines, the Sound+Sleep family of sleep sound machines dynamically compose the sound masking audio from naturally recorded sounds that constantly evolve and never loop, eliminating all repetition and creating real-world natural sound experiences. SleepScore Labs, the company behind the world’s most accurate consumer sleep monitoring appliance, confirmed that there are numerous benefits from using the Sound+Sleep SE by conducting a carefully controlled scientific validation study. Among the benefits are less time to fall asleep, less time spent awake during the night, and enhanced feelings of relaxation and restfulness while using the Sound+Sleep SE. It also showed the overwhelming majority of users would recommend Sound+Sleep SE to their close friends and family and 89% would plan to continue to use Sound+Sleep SE following the completion of the study.

As with all sleep sound innovations developed by ASTI, the company remains closely aligned with consumer feedback and advancements in science and technology to continue to produce the highest quality sound machines on the market. This includes applying the principles of good design and sleep sound technology to the ever-growing product line, leading with our recent product launches unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year. With a legacy of more than 10 years of successful product development, ASTI continues to innovate with sleep sound technologies that align with the latest research for tools that promote a restful night’s sleep.