A scene from the castle park in Germany, where I practice Qigong.

In the Qigong set created by Emanate Presence and Gary Smith, there are some unusual terms, such as ‘matrix mind’, the ‘sphere of light’, and the way the term ‘present moment’ is used.

Where did the terms come from? How are they meant?

In my way of exploring and realizing, I sometimes encounter contradictions or inconsistencies in myself, which then have to be resolved for the sake of integrity.

Sometimes, I have posted pre-maturely, before a realization is fully realized. But then, isn’t that the way of life, a constant unfolding? None of my writing is meant as a teaching. Each person has to find what works for them.

From my perspective, the sphere of light can be taken as a useful metaphor, another satisfying illusion of reality, or a known actuality. I believe it in my heart to be both real and actual, and don’t claim to fully understand it. That is what works for me.

The matrix mind is not whatever the present moment is.

The present moment is the most complete perspective.

The matrix mind is partial and incomplete perspectives.

The present moment is timeless, and universal.

The matrix mind is local and on a timeline.

The present moment is boundless, and unconditioned.

The matrix mind is bounded and conditioned.

The present moment is the observer, and witness of all things.

The matrix mind is too restless and occupied to observe and witness.

The present moment is everything that is, as it is, in totality.

The matrix mind is focused on specifics.

The present moment is all embracing, and inclusive.

The matrix mind is defensive and exclusive.

The present moment harmonizes, balances, and integrates.

The matrix mind is dis-harmony, imbalance, and separation.

The present moment is love; for love itself.

The matrix mind loves in every way but agape, and operates from a base of fear.

The present moment is universal Chi energy; the energy of space.

The matrix mind is tied to mass.

The present moment is the unified field, the unmoved mover, and the creative source.

The matrix mind is identified with the manifested.

The present moment is the substance of actuality, rather than the image of reality.

The matrix mind is the image of reality, rather than the substance of actuality.

The present moment is the spirit, and essence, and presence, of nature.

The matrix mind uses and exploits nature.

The spirit of nature seeks to re-unite with the human spirit.

The matrix mind is a barrier preventing each human from experiencing unity with the spirit of nature, or to put another way, union with the Divine.

The Present Moment Brocades audio refers to the matrix mind as a membrane enclosing the human body and a barrier between the human and the sphere of light. Is the ‘barrier membrane’ an objective reality?

To me, ‘objective reality’ is a contraction of terms. Reality can only be subjective, and only the Present Moment is objective.  I ‘see’ the barrier membrane in my psychic vision, but that does not make it an objective actuality. Using what faculties I have for reasoning, I can say to my own assurance that something prevents humans from experiencing union with the Divine, the spirit of nature. That just is obvious to me. 

The term ‘matrix mind’ came out of my watching Qigong instruction videos by Dr. Yang, Jing-Ming in which he said, ‘…jump out of the matrix.’  He did not say ‘matrix mind’.  The picture I get from the word ‘matrix’ in this context is something imposed on us by outside entities or forces. However, what I hear in my inner voice is that the matrix is attached to each human mind, and is each person’s own responsibility. Thus, ‘matrix mind.’

One of the eight pieces of brocade in that thousand-year-old set is what I named ‘Raising Vitality’. It has the person punching at an opponent. When I did this, it never felt right. I wrote the Qigong coach for my own practice, and each time a realization arose, I wrote the new insight or understanding into the audio file, which is my text read by a text-to-speech synthesizer. 

After many practices and revisions, more than seventy now, the ‘punching at an opponent’ became ‘piercing holes through the barrier membrane of the matrix mind’.  Now, at the end of a separate set called ‘Sphere of Light Breathing’, the practitioner sends love to the matrix mind. The matrix mind is not something to be defeated or dissolved. When the Present Moment consciousness arises in a person, the matrix mind simply subsides and is gone.

When I write and live as Gary Smith, it is from the matrix mind. When I write and live as Emanate Presence, it is from the Present Moment. But they are not sharply delineated and defined. They move in and out, rise and fall, appear and disappear. The term ‘Emanate Presence’ came to me in a dream, from which I awakened in the morning with the words, ‘Rather than Exert Power, Emanate Presence.’ The sphere of light also first appeared to me in a dream years ago, and has re-appeared unexpectedly in my life.

Now then, what works for you?