Matteo Belcastro

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

While every country has it’s own language(s), there’s only one language we can all understand: the language of music. We don’t even need words to understand what music is saying. Every year I see a lot of different people from a lot of different countries attending festivals. When the music is being played, it seems every one understands what’s coming out of the speakers and they just start dancing to it.

We’ve all felt strong emotions listening to music. Sad songs may bring us to tears, while joyful music can make us feel euphoric. Music can move us in fascinating ways, there is power in that second category, too. Indeed, one-way music may make us better people is by making us happier—and therefore more likely to give of ourselves. 

Trends are the one thing that are always in perpetual change, be it in fashion, style, or music. The pandemic that affected the music industry in 2020 is continuing to do so in 2021. With the number of COVID-19 cases continuing to climb, it’s difficult to predict when the situation will return to normal. Major sources of revenue for musicians are concerts and other live events. With today’s resections on public events, live shows are essentially non-existent.

Belcastro was one of the few musicians who predicted how the music industry would change due to the pandemic. According to Belcastro, the industry will see some prominent changes in 2021. Here are Belcastro’s predictions on the upcoming trends in the music industry:

More drive-in concerts: The pandemic has restricted travel and resulted in bans on conventional live shows to prevent crowds. Since then, musicians have found a way to engage their audiences with drive-in concerts.

Innovative compositions: More songs will start being composed by multiple people as opposed to individuals. This way a song will receive input from a mix of talented people before it is released.. Lyrics in general will become more grounded and modest to help listeners better connect to the songs.

More frequent releases: As the competition on virtual platforms rises, musicians will try harder to keep their audience engaged.