“For far too long we have been seduced into walking a path that did not lead us to ourselves. For far too long we have said yes when we wanted to say no. And for far too long we have said no when we desperately wanted to say yes… When we don’t listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. And we abandon our souls because we are afraid if we don’t, others will abandon us.” – Terry Tempest Williams

The last thing anyone needs is one more thing to do.

What is needed is connection and a deeper reserve of self to be present and clear on what does need to be done.

Still the hours get longer, and the unexpected demands rise. We cram in more to create better for others, barely reaching the finish line of each day as lists of “should” and needs blur and grow and grow.

Recently I have been pondering what does need to happen and what doesn’t, and am I honoring the difference. Not all requests need to be accepted. If I make those decisions in quiet (hard to find, yet can be created), outside the demands of the day or others, it seems to go better. If I roll into every day, reacting to the inevitable chaos of the ever-changing moment, the needs seem to grow while my clarity and calm dissipate. I had to remind myself of what I already knew, what I teach: clarity comes from within, and it is found through stillness.

Working faster or harder is not sustainable over the long haul, and we are in marathon times.

Non-stop doing goes against the feminine design and aperture.

Being and allowing are the foundations of creativity and clarity.

We have to choose it.

It often starts setting better boundaries.

And those boundaries start from within.

You don’t have time to sit? To stop? You say.

I hear you and the time you create for stillness, gives back – it does not take away.

Let me tell you about a mother of three, who ran her household with so much love for everyone, crafts, and hugs, meal planning, activity running and all to the devotion of her children and her husband. She ate what was left from the kids’ lunches, rested when she was finished prepping for her kids next activity; she lulled them to sleep and celebrated their mornings, and did her best to give her husband all the space and support he needed to work tirelessly at his job that provided for them all. She pulled the mother load.

That left her far behind and no matter what little motion of self she made, she was seeming to slip further and further behind – until she made a choice to change.

When asked why she signed up for Sit in Your Center, she responded: “This year I am making myself a priority.”

The truth is often so simple.

One morning you wake up and realize that there is very little of you left.

You signed up for the meditation app.

You planned the date dinners for your spouse.

You maybe even attended a women’s event, yet once there you were feeling like you weren’t quite the right fit.

The results didn’t work for you, so you, like many women figure: “I must be doing it wrong.”

This phenomena is common with women, defaulting to being the “problem” and the solution; rather than separating out the structure or expectations. Meaning, there truly are only so many things we can do in one day, and we must make those choices in our work, in our families and in our selves. This discernment between external and internal obstacles is easier to perceive when we have the space to see it.

Maybe you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Maybe doing isn’t the answer.

Let’s go back to the mother of three who once she decided to commit to herself and chose to dedicate time and space, she created real change from within:

Sit in Your Center is a much needed invitation to help you connect with your body on a deeper level. You will learn about the power your body can give you when you understand how to truly connect with it, with your true self. Every woman will benefit from Kate’s unique knowledge and insight.   — Jen, N.C.

There is a profound peace that is available when we stop pushing down the feelings and experiences that we don’t understand, enjoy, or even more surprisingly did not have the time or space to feel. Our life is so rushed that we are often carrying unnecessary emotional weight from moments undigested, preventing us from being full where we are now, leaving us more tired, more anxious and feeling a little defeated. Slowing down, sitting and reconnecting to ourselves + our bodies can help restore a balance.

There is no one answer fits all.

Because your answer is inside of you.

There is power in sitting when the rest of the world is on the go: Our bodies carry wisdom available to us if we are present to listen.

There is no quick fix to life.

The answers may not be easy, but they are simple.

The answer is you.

The way to live in balance amidst the responsibilities of today is to live in alignment with your vision and values, not living in sacrifice in hopes that it will correct itself later. It won’t. Sacrifice imprints sacrifice. When we move in harmony with ourselves, sacrifice does not have to create and transmit martyrdom. When we move from center and in our own power, we move through inevitable obstacles with a better chance of not losing ourselves.

Life is going to hand us hard things we don’t want. How we handle them is our choice.

Take a step into your own precious life.

Take a seat in your power.

Claim the time and space for you: to release, to relax and to relearn who you are. Live the answers to the questions for change our world needs to make

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