You are a Spectacular Creation of God. Here’s Why:


NOTE: This was written to my children (Mandy 18, Aly 14, and The Amazing Alec, who has Down Syndrome — which is relevant to what’s said here) as a life lesson for them, and is included in my upcoming book:

“Life Lessons from Dad: 101 Ways To Get the Most From This World (From Someone Who Loves You.”

I was about ready to write out another Advice Chapter with this…and I want you to TRULY and totally GET this…it may be the singularly most important thought for you to adopt and believe in your life.

If you get it, and truly make it part of you, and understand, it can change your life in so many areas. You are completely and totally WORTH the best. But rather than actually re-writing it, and trying my best to convince you of this again, I’m going to post what I wrote about this, oh probably about five years ago now when you, Aly, were about eight years old.

I sent it out as an email in my “Morning Coffee,” series to my real estate Clients, and I got an overwhelming response to it, with people telling them it had truly touched them, and that many of them needed this message. So, girls and sweet precious Alec…this is for you: You Are a Spectacular Creation of God.

A few weeks back, my sweet daughter Aly was having a tough time in school. It seems that some kids were picking on her and calling her, “nerd.”

Now, full disclosure: obviously, this is my daughter, and I think the world of her. She is, literally, brilliant. She’s hilarious, witty, fun, and fiercely loving. She is also beautiful in every sense of the word, inside and out. I can barely think about her without a big smile coming to my face and if I think of her too much, I’ll get a tear in my eye. She is truly wonderful.

Now back to the kids at school. Kids can be viciously mean. When I think of them trying to hurt my baby girl, it makes me see red, and I really want a chance to give them an attitude adjustment…

But that wouldn’t do too much to help things.

The thing I realized that would do the most good would be to go directly to my daughter and help her to deal with the inevitable hurts and criticisms that always happen in life (no matter what age we are).

I woke one day during this time, and Aly’s situation was heavily on my mind. I thought of it immediately when I woke, and I had probably even dreamt about it. There was one overriding thought in my mind about Aly.

“You are a SPECTACULAR creation of God.”

I took my girls to school that day, but I didn’t really talk to Aly too much about it while her sister and friend were in the car. I planned to keep her in the car with me after the others left, but she didn’t give me a chance. She just hopped out, and took off into the doors with her big backpack. Yet that thought burned in my mind and I had to tell her. I decided that I needed to take her to lunch that day and have the talk.

So, after working that morning, I drove back to her school and got to take her out of school for a while. We got her favorite meal (junior breakfast burritos from Sonic for some strange reason), and parked overlooking the beautiful creek that runs through my village. There, on that wonderful morning we had the talk. I told her the thought that I had with her. I made her memorize it and say it back to me:

“I am a SPECTACULAR creation of God.”

Aly left this note for me in my office a year later. ❤

I told her what I think that meant, and why no one, NO ONE should ever make her feel inferior.

If you know the special blood that flows through your veins, and the divine precision with which you were made then you would hold your head high. You were created for great things in this life. You were given potential to do anything!

We both shed a tear, and I could tell that the time I spent with her meant a lot to her–and it meant everything to me. There was nothing more important that I could do with my time that day. I knew it was special, and I took a picture so I could remember it more vividly.

Here’s the kicker:

We are ALL spectacular creations of God.

We are all given so much potential and ability.

We are divine in our design, and can do so much more than we are led to believe in our everyday lives.

We all have down times in our lives, when we feel inferior, or not up to the task of extraordinary living…we need to remember that we were all given a wonderful ability.

The power of our minds and soul are truly infinite. Keep that in mind when you are feeling weak, or when others make you feel inadequate.

I am a spectacular creation of God.

So are you.


Kids, I know you understand that I love you so, so very much. You’ll get an idea of how much that is when you’re blessed with your own child/children. It’s incredible just to think of you, and I get a tightness in my chest thinking of you because it nearly hurts.

And, as much as I love you — I am of the firm belief that God loves you more. Only a loving God could create the feelings that a good parent has for their child.

Your life is precious, and ALL life is precious.

When you think of all of the intricacies of the brain, of the way that blood with just the right amount of oxygen is transmitted, of the delicate chemical balances that keep us moving, breathing, and living…it just boggles the mind. It is so overwhelming what an incredibly designed piece of Divine Art that we are. Something built so wonderfully is always valuable.

I want you to be able to wake up every day, and FEEL how phenomenal you are.

I want you to feel God’s love coursing through you, and just understand that it’s ALL a miracle.

Everything is a miracle, and you are the biggest, best miracle of all in who and how you are designed.

You’re never alone, not just from the people that love you like me, but with God. If you close your eyes, and get still, you can feel Him/It. That presence is always with you, and my thought is that you’re a part of God and God is a part of you.

You’re divine. You are a supremely spiritual being.

I know some people will be cynical about this, and not believe that we’re made by anything…that this entire life, and all of the miracles everywhere around us are just some cosmic accident; that we were made by a lightning bolt striking some primordial ooze and sparking this grand experience of life…

But it’s all too perfect for this to be haphazard or random. It’s designed. It’s Divine, and it’s a miracle. So are you.

So, when you’re looking in the mirror, and you see an ‘imperfection,’ or you don’t like who is looking back at you, please try to remember this. I think to disparage a creation of God like that is a disservice to His work. See the good, the miraculous, and love the person looking back at you like you’d do your own child. You deserve that, we all do.

I’ll finish here — I want you to think about your sweet brother.

His almond eyes, and little ears, his precious little nose…oh, my goodness, he is so cute. So precious, and perfect.

I know you feel the same way about him, yet there are many that would say that he’s not, “right.”

Think of how angry you’d get over someone saying or thinking that — and yet we do that to ourselves most every day. We are all made in His image. We are all beautiful, and every one of us is precious.

The Advice In Practice:

  • Get out the journal. Oh, yes…the journal. Write about, or do an idea list on as many things about yourself that you know are truly amazing. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not arrogant or cocky — because you should be able to do this with any human being. Please make that list. I prefer doing it when listening to a power song that fills your spirit.
  • Write out, “I am a Spectacular Creation of God,” in your affirmations if you’re doing a “Miracle Morning” type of practice. Please repeat it often, and literally hear yourself saying it. I want that to be top of mind for you. It helps for you to know just how wonderful you are; and then when those tough times hit — as they always do — your spirit will be well-armed and prepared for the onslaught that Inner Critic and the world will throw at you.
  • Make a regular practice of telling others that THEY are a Spectacular Creation of God, too. When you do that, you lift their spirits, and you’ll feel good about doing it as well. I think it will reinforce this idea for you every time you share this.
  • TEACH this concept and idea to others. If you agree with this, and fully believe in it — then create your own words that define this idea, and do your best to spread it to others.

You are a spectacular creation of God.

And I love you, too.

This is an excerpt from the new book, “Life Lessons from Dad: 101 Ideas to Get The Most Out of This World.”

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