MBM1official image with his white horse

Talking about his education, MBM was a passionate student from the beginning and so after completing his school and high school, he pursued his studies and aced every field he chose for himself. He initially signed up for the Understanding Financial Markets course at Geneva University by the finance lecturer, Dr. Michael Girardin. He achieved what he wanted to learn through this course. The course proved to help me experience and understand the connections between different types of markets and economies. 

The course let him gain knowledge about many different aspects of the economy. He learned everything related to the financial markets including how the pricing of stocks and bonds is done and the ways that are important in the investment market. Not only this but, he was also taught about the risk and risk assessments, their use, and importance while investing. This way, he improved his skills as a marketer. 

The best part about his course was that apart from covering the theoretical part that was crucial in the understanding of financial markets, it also allowed MBM to focus on different, less popular markets. Markets like gold, emerging markets, real estate, hedge funds, and private markets were all part of his learning process. The analysis of these markets taught him how to measure risks and return opportunities. Overall, the course inculcated in him, the skills that are required to be a successful financial marketer in the future. 

The investment was not the only aspect taught in this course. Along with it, he also acquired knowledge about central bank policies and how they are impactful on the financial markets. MBM was fortunate to get his hands laid on this course because it was helpful in every way possible. With access to a load of knowledge about financial markets, he was also assisted by the UBS experts and corporate professionals adding to the benefits that he received from the course. These experts made him understand how the global market works and showed him the way to a successful financially stable future ahead. 

Even after the completion of this course, MBM’s desire to gain more education remained so he continued with signing up for another course at Harvard University. This time he had chosen a course related to justice taught by professor Michael Sandel. This course was equally beneficial for him as the previous one. It not only provided him with the knowledge of classical and contemporary theories of justice but also let him experience and implement these theories into everyday life and law. This way he was able to explore more about topics like affirmative actions, human and property rights. The course was effective enough to make him understand the world and improve his ability to analyze data and information.

However, there is a bit more to his story. He is not enthusiastic about his studies only, the multi faceted being, MBM has an outstanding portfolio with numerous sports and other hobbies. He is a master at football, surfing, boxing, swimming, golfing, bike riding, and horse polo. He also is interested in other mind-blowing games such as chess and ball pool. 

Looking at his passion for studies and being best at other hobbies and sports as well, he has been a source of motivation for everyone. If you want to follow his travel adventures and get to know more about his life, follow his Instagram and Snapchat