I use my smartphone everyday for multiple hours.I always loved cellphones since they first came out and haven’t used a landline in decades.With that being said I’m still amazed by an Up Time from an unbelievable 99.9% with only 2 Top Companies of course!I basically never use it while I eat,I mostly don’t take it with me into the bedroom and I never use it while driving and if I do only for phone calls,never text or else!So mostly I use it while I sit on the couch or sit back in the car while parked.Everything that is important to me is on my smartphone like i.e.Pictures,GIF’s,Music,News (HP,etc.),Weather (even during a hurricane it worked 1000%,thanks to Verizon and Apple,f… unbelievable,so yeah it is always there for me whenever I need it),Credit Card,Phone Calls,etc.Now all of this goes normally pretty quick unless you read article after article in the News Apps but from there it goes to SM which takes it to another Level – unless there are holidays etc. it might slow down a bit but don’t bet on it, and it is constantly,nonstop,24/7,year round and if you love the Entertainment Industry as much as I do you found Paradise;very few days that I’m bored there,mostly it’s nonstop Action with exciting,often controversial and shocking News (i.e.Trump, lol) etc.I am basically exclusive on Twitter and often have a hard time keeping up and I do not even have a lot of followers and do not follow a lot either.Most are the ‘Bosses’ that get my input directly without middlemen and then adjust or if they think I’m wrong let me know.Not always of course and often I have great discussions with other people who share the same interests as me and who give valuable input.Instagram I barely use because it’s boring to me to see people post their empty Sushi plates over and over again, or show their f… $7.63 pair of sandals they bought on famous Lincoln Road – I can look at my own,lol! Till this day I wonder why Twitter is not way higher at the DOW? Facebook would be too much for me and is way more complicated to use so I’m not using it and it’s too much of the same stuff I’m not interested in just like on IG.Guess you can say I’m interested in the bigger themes but then again if I want Kardashian type of tralala I can talk to the neighbors,lol.Are there dangers,sure like bullying and it’s out there for nearly everyone to see,also it can be addictive,covers up your own problems etc.If you’re unable or have a hard time to put it down all the time it is a problem.It is also a choice,i.e.I actually do not watch TV at all anymore unless at other peoples homes for a game or a show.In my case I see lots of great things happen like Stars on the Rise,highly intelligent Professionals,the new Breed taking over and of course Stars like Leo Di Caprio etc. raising awareness for the Environment etc.From there I go to signing countless Petitions,sending emails, sometimes even making phone calls and even sending letters – again,Twitter is invaluable to me and so convenient and ultra fast and effective.I’ve seen the success many many times.Also you can meet great people on SM and in my case if a couple of lets say ‘business’ situations would’ve turnt out better,they weren’t but one a flop but I expected more,I could live the Dream!These days smartphones help a big deal in emergency situations, help solving crimes, help after terrorist attacks and even during shootings etc.If you have a family, kids etc. be very careful with smartphones and never at diner or in the bedroom, even in the car you should watch it unless it’s a longer ride maybe! Overall I think that one of the best examples that shows the Power of Twitter is POTUS Trump! Regarding my own situation there are a lot of things I learn on Twitter and even more I desire but that’s the tricky part lol,to do some of the things “THEY” do (creativity), now that’s a bit of a different story and in my case probably only big $ would get done but heck overall it’s pretty damn good and if you look at a statistic that still is shockingly on my mind that around 90% + of the worlds’ population live on $10 or less I do not complain but then again it’s Miami and all I’ve seen is not something you’ll forget; at least not someone like me!