There are many gestures that make a big difference for someone who is grieving. The key is being proactive by anticipating their needs and thinking of something that you can do to support them and make something easier for them while they are grieving. 

Here are some examples:

  • Send them a hand-written note.  In it share a memory you have of the person who passed, or if you didn’t know them personally, then simply let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Cooking will be the last thing on their mind. Give them a restaurant gift card to one of their favorite restaurants.  Or set up a meal schedule for them for a week or two at
  • Hire a cleaning service to come to their home after the first week of mourning when they’ve had many people at their home and/or a couple of times after as well.
  • Be creative and make your own vouchers for household chores that they can remit at any time. For example, taking out their garbage or recycling. 
  • A gift card for a massage or pedicure. Taking a moment for themselves will be hard at first. But as time goes by, they will find comfort in something that helps them relax.  
  • Bring them a coffee, sit with them and just listen.