An elusive and unstable perch from which to educate the world.

Philadelphia – Another late night for Damian Muziani, as he begins the arduous task of gauging the stories he has selected and written for “Hindsight 2021”, a self-promoted “Savage, Weekly Capsule” that features Muziani in monologue form. Ultimately, the three-minute news brief is meant to be funny, but not at the extensive expense of any one subject, religion, or political party. “I’ve left great bits in the trash,” relates Muziani, “but it’s more important for me to not let Hindsight become an easily digestible report. If we end up leaning left one week, we try to lean right the next week to even it out.”

What has become more of a reliable target for Muziani is the media itself. PR-heavy reporting on cable news or gonzo-style news articles should be fair game for criticism, in his mind, anyway. “In the world of Law Enforcement, there is usually a division called “Internal Affairs” that is utilized as a way for the police to police itself. I wouldn’t call that model a slam-dunk at all, but a variation of that idea is needed in the journalism arena. There are far too many “personalities” who either lie in their reporting or mislead the public by injecting their own personal opinions and agendas. And since the Fourth Estate relies so heavily on the First Amendment, any attempts made from outside of the circle to keep these people honest get shut down immediately. Other reporters will rally around a competitor or peer who has been criticized by outsiders, regardless of the merits of the critiques. Otherwise, they risk more scrutiny of their practices, which could then turn into a congressional inquiry very quickly. There should be an oversight panel that polices journalists, even if the execution of such a plan may be somewhat flawed.”

Muziani takes on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly across the world each Monday morning on the Hindsight 2021 YouTube channel and on the DB and A Television Network.