Medical care and mental health care are equally important to your overall well-being. Have you considered what next steps you’ll take to achieve a better quality of both your mental and physical health? In this article, we’ll talk about important – and easy – things to do to assure better overall wellness for both your mental and physical health.


Regular exercise can help activate your body’s natural happy hormones. People who exercise regularly report a reduction in mental health related symptoms for anxiety, and depression. Some psychological studies even show that exercise can be as effective as antidepressants prescribed by a primary care physician or psychiatrist.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is proving to be one of psychotherapy’s top remedies. People who have participated in this brain-based therapy have shown signs of relief of symptoms from issues with chronic mental health in as little as a few weeks into therapy. CBT practitioners report noticeable reduction in symptoms of their clients who have been exposed to CBT therapy in a matter of five to twenty weeks.

Finding a cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner is now easier than ever before. If you are insured by a large employer, simply contact your benefits department for provider referrals. Online therapy options are now making therapy easily accessible and affordable for people at all income levels. Popular therapy sites like and Talkspace now offer unlimited therapy subscription options online as well as alternative options for sliding-scale therapy. Online therapy sites act as virtual waiting rooms that connect mental health care providers and their clients in a virtual therapy environment.

Primary Care Checkups

Medical health checkups and mental health care now go hand in hand. With the introduction of the Mental Health Parity Act of 2018, certain large employers and brands are now required to provide equivalent behavioral health care and mental health care coverage for insured employees. Employers with a larger number of employees are now required by law to provide affordable mental health care options for their employees that are comparable in cost to health insurance benefits and copays.


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