According to the latest studies and research, depression and anxiety have increased in the past year and a half. And the apparent reason for this is the after-effects of the pandemic outbreak. It’s natural for humans to get impacted by all that’s happening around them. Hence, when one gets to witness the mammoth deaths in Italy due to an invisible virus and learns about the current economic downswing, it is natural to feel depressed and anxious. And this stress and anxiety have been present for a long time, which is now impacting people’s mental health.

Though the world will take time to heal completely from this sudden pandemic outbreak, leading a balanced life is essential. And that’s possible only when we attend to our mental health and ensure that it’s in good condition. According to David JC Cutler, meditation is one practice that can result in mental wellbeing and enable people to cope with stress better. It also helps to bring down the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Here’s how:

  1. It helps people sleep better – If you check the current statistics, most Americans face sleep issues. People in America who are 55 years or more witness sleep issues that can disturb mood, resulting in fatigue and bringing down the life quality. Even young people face sleep issues. And the life that we are living due to the pandemic has made many people stressed enough to lose out on their sleep. David JC Cutler says that meditation plays a vital role in calming the mind and reducing stress. And that can help people to go to bed with a relaxed mind and sleep better. That, in turn, leads to better energy levels and improved life quality.
  • It brings down anxiety and depression – The recent news updates highlight that people with two doses of vaccine have got infected by the virus and have fallen severely ill. That increases the overall fear that people are facing. It translates to the fact that no one is safe even with the vaccine and increases your tension. Meditation can help by letting you stress less. It prevents your mind from reacting to every news that you see. Meditation enables you to choose your thoughts, focus on things you can control, and reduce fear with regular practice. And since anxiety and stress can affect immunity, meditation also acts as an immunity booster during such testing times.
  • It enhances brain function – According to research, our brain usually gets into a “flight or fright” mode when a crisis surrounds us. That’s how humans are made. And since the pandemic uncertainty has been here for a long time, most people are caught up in the “flight or fright” mode. It makes people anxious and also experiences the negative aspects of stress and tension. When you meditate daily, you can bring down your stress level and anxiety. It helps to improve brain function and enables you to think better.

David JC Cutler says that we are what we think! And the pandemic fear and stress can aggravate our thinking. Meditation can come to the rescue by lowering stress, bringing clarity in the thought process, and enhancing our mental health.