2020 started with new hopes, but all dreams were shattered when Pandemic spread across the countries. In India, I still remember we were talking about China, the U.S and all. PM Modi, a declared lockdown when cases were few in India. March, April and May were terrible times for the entire world, including India. 

Immediate lockdown confused us as we felt it would stay for a few years, and then everything will be healthy. But everything happened opposite to what we thought. Scary nights, fear for the future started to take over mind in April. 

But I utilised this time for my growth. I assured that I would polish my writing skills and grow more at this time. I did the same and my fear for tomorrow was gone. I become more confident with time passed as I take initiative steps by taking safety measures and working on my writing skills at home. 

Because of my good routine, I was able to get good sleep and started working better the next morning daily.

In this Pandemic, I started to work on several projects like indiandailypostthesocialmediastar.combillionairepost.com25hournews.com. I focused hard, and I was able to stay away from all the negativity. Even started to write in Thrive Global. 

Due to Thrive Global, I started to write on various topics and helped me improve as a content freelance content writer. I am able to write more and more valuable content and help other young ones with me to grow as a content writer.

Every night before sleep I started to plan for the next day’s routine about my websites and how I can improve as a writer. Indeed it has been a life changer for me. I am feeling good by sharing my lockdown time. Doing some meditation working on things which you like can change your life.

Jigar Saraswat, Surendranagar, Gujarat, India.