The cancer journey encompasses both individual and collective experiences, with contributions from families, friends, healthcare providers, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Support floods in from numerous foundations, support groups, and associations. While charity events are common in cancer advocacy, the potential role of meditation in cancer care often remains overlooked.

Why not utilize “Meditation for Cancer Support?” Meditation provides a unique and impactful way to channel inner energy towards healing and support. It offers a unique avenue, enhancing inner energy and fostering communal healing beyond traditional methods.

The Power of Meditation:

Indeed, while meditation for world peace is a widely accepted practice, the concept of ‘meditation for cancer support’ holds equal, if not greater, significance. Consider an excerpt from January 2023, where 10,000 individuals participated in a meditation session for world peace:

“Dr Tony Nader, a Harvard and MIT-trained physician and neuroscientist and chairman of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, said at the opening of the meeting: “Congratulations to all of you! You have only just arrived, but you are already making history.” 

Meditation offers an ideal platform for creative thinking and contemplation, particularly when it comes to cancer research and support. As we close our eyes in meditation, a tranquil atmosphere is cultivated, fostering thoughts of healing and well-being. By quieting the mind and turning inward, we access a wellspring of inner strength and resilience, which can be channeled towards assisting cancer patients and their loved ones.

Moreover, meditation aligns our intentions with the universal energy, enabling us to tap into a powerful force for healing and transformation. As we cultivate feelings of compassion and empathy during meditation, we send out positive vibrations into the world, creating a ripple effect of healing energy that can reach those in need.

The Energy Equation

Conserving Energy for a Cause: Furthermore, meditation inherently involves energy conservation. As we close our eyes, rest our minds and bodies, we conserve energy that can be channeled towards the cause at hand—cancer support and awareness. By participating in group meditations dedicated to cancer patients, we amplify our collective energy and intention, creating a meaningful movement of hope and healing.

Creating Energy for Healing: In addition to conserving energy, meditation offers a unique opportunity to create energy. By tapping into our inner resources and aligning our intentions with the universal energy, we can generate a powerful force for healing. Through focused meditation practices, individuals can cultivate feelings of compassion, empathy, and positivity, which can be directed towards supporting cancer patients and their families.

Channeling Energy for Transformation: Once we have conserved and created energy through meditation, the next step is to channel it towards the cause at hand. By participating in group meditations dedicated to cancer patients, we amplify our collective energy and intention, creating a meaningful movement of hope and healing. Together, we can harness the power of meditation to send healing energy to those affected by cancer, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

It’s time to introduce the concept of “Meditate for Cancer Support,” dedicated meditation sessions aimed at supporting cancer patients and their families. These ‘At Home Retreats’ would serve as a sanctuary for individuals to come together in a spirit of unity and compassion, harnessing the power of meditation to send healing energy to those affected by cancer.

Imagine a world where cancer patients feel surrounded by love and support, where they can find solace and strength in the collective energy of a global community. This is the vision behind Heal Cancer Retreats—a vision of hope, healing, and resilience.

Call to Action:

I propose starting this movement by incorporating a dedicated meditation session for cancer patients into our upcoming Relax Infinity ‘At Home Retreat’. Let’s transform this retreat into a “Heal Cancer Retreat,” uniting individuals from around the world in meditation for the well-being of those affected by cancer. Together, let’s make a difference and bring hope to those who need it most.


In conclusion, meditating for cancer is a powerful way to harness inner energy for healing. By embracing the concept of Healing Cancer Retreats and participating in group meditations dedicated to cancer patients, we can create a global movement of hope and healing. Let’s join in meditation and make a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer.


  • Krishna Bhatta


    Relax Inc.

    Krishna Bhatta, MD, FRCS is an author, surgeon and an inventor, currently working as a Urologist ( former chief of urology) at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine.  Dr. Bhatta began his life in a small Indian village, attended Patna Medical College in India, continued his education in the UK, and then completed his research & medical training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School.

    Dr. Bhatta is equal parts practical and spiritual. His lectures, writings, podcasts, songs, and video talks on Gita, Krishna, and other spiritual topics are based on his personal journey and experiences, as well as a lifetime of exploring spiritual texts, giving him a unique understanding and perspective.

    He is founder CEO of a wellness and meditation app - Relax Infinity (formerly Relaxx) which strives to be the wellness destination of the world. It connects Patanjali's science of consciousness with Einstein's art of swimming in silence.  Wellness is an infinite journey and a life long pursuit.