Josh Waitzkin is the only chess player who was declared as champion in every category of the game. He is also a black belter in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and won the national championship in Tai Chi. What’s the secret of his success? Waitzkin says one thing, and that is “focus”. Such a skill is not so easy to learn, but Josh has mastered it though the various forms of meditation that he has habitually practiced. According to Josh, meditation is the key element that has made him an adept in focusing, and this is where he has attributed much of his achievement.

The practice of meditation dates back in Ancient India where it has existed as one of the Hindu Traditions for thousands of years. For the unknowing, the concept of meditation may be attached with mysterious and mystical connotations. However, in the recent years, Science has supported the workings and benefits of this practice. Contrary to what many people think, meditation is not as “out there” as they deem.

People of all ages can practice meditation, including students. As a student, you can incorporate meditation in your daily routine in order to boost your mental stamina and aptitude. It can help you perform well in your exams and harness your energy for sports and extra-curricular activities. Practicing meditation is good for the emotions, too. You’ll have better control of what and how you feel as you become more meditative.

What Are The 5 Benefits Of Meditation?

Increases your ability to focus. Recent studies have indicated that students who practice meditation can carry on with sustained focus for longer periods of time. These individuals can withstand the tediousness of lengthy classes in school, thereby enhancing their mental retention. They are able to get high scores in their quizzes and exams. The same goes when they are outside the classroom taking on extra-curricular activities, whether it is drama, choir, band, football, basketball or baseball, among others. Professional athletes practice visualization which is a form of meditation, and it enables them to perform at peak levels. Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson in fact teaches his players to do Zen meditation so that they can perk up their game. Jackson has earned 11 championship rings, the most to have been won in the history of the NBA. Pete Carroll, a champion coach of the Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl likewise utilizes meditation techniques during their team practice. Due to the demand and its effectiveness, many schools have considered including meditation in their curriculum.

Boosts your mental functioning and memory. An 8-week meditation study featured in the Harvard Gazette involved a number of participants who practiced meditation for 27 minutes a day. Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI’s) of these participants’ brains demonstrated an improvement of grey matter in the hippocampus section that influences memory and learning. Students who have enhanced memory are able to retain more information. This means they can better remember names of people that they have met, which is essential for social success. Dale Carnegie has highlighted this concept in his book “How To Win Friends and Influence People”. Remembering people’s names will help you engage in worthwhile conversations and create meaningful relationships. It will bring major benefits to your personal, academic and career undertakings.

Relieves your anxiety and stress. Health problems such as insomnia, digestive issues, headaches, depression and anger, to name a few, may arise due to stress. Chronic stress can cause additional viral infections such as flu. What seems to be a neverending stream of stress may take place due to trauma, tragedies and failures which may be too difficult for students to cope with. Teenagers and college students are especially susceptible to chronic stress because of the hormonal changes and emotional turbulence that are happening in themselves. Through meditation, you can develop the resilience to confront your emotions and cope with nerve-racking circumstances in a healthy way. Stressful events such as a break-up can be overcome through yoga. There is transcendental meditation as well which is effectual for inducing mind and body calmness.

Increases your attention and reduces fatigue. Brief meditation sessions practiced for 4 days has been shown to improve attention and alleviate fatigue. These results were obtained from a study conducted at the School of Medicine in Wake Forest University. As an avid proponent of meditation, Jerry Seinfeld has claimed that the practice has heightened his energy levels. According to this famous actor and comedian, “sleep is hit and miss, but transcendental meditation is not”. Your life as a student may be interesting where you tend to sleep irregularly and consume unhealthy foods and liquids. You may even forget to be physically active and exercise. These are the primary factors that cause fatigue. Meditation can be used to combat your fatigue, more so if you are barraged by tons of academic workload.

Fortifies your immune system. You simply don’t have the time to get sick as you tackle heaps of schoolwork, a job, a relationship and your social activities. But your lifestyle as a student makes it difficult to avoid an illness. Along with a healthy diet, exercise and sleeping schedule, you can engage in a short-term meditation program that according to the National Library of Health can strengthen your immune system.

Achieving optimum health and wellness needs you to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Inculcate holistic well-being by consuming healthful foods, exercising regularly and getting sufficient sleep. In your daily routine, you can integrate a consistent meditation practice that can do wonders to your mind, body and spirit, enabling you to proficiently deal with the rigors of your personal, academic and career endeavors.


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