Brian C Jensen

Meditation is the art of focusing your mind and thinking deeply for an extended period. There are multiple forms of meditation available with the ultimate goal of feeling relaxed. If you want to grab inner peace and improve your mental health, you will have to delve deep into meditation if you desire to cope with the new normal of COVID-19. You will have to make use of meditation. Multiple scientific studies and research articles are backing the significance of meditation. They revealed the innate relationship between anxiety and depression and meditation. If you grab a look at recent research, you will see a high number of patients suffering from anxiety and depression. It is because of the new challenges which are resulting from COVID-19. In this scenario, mindful meditation has become the only way of moderating the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Brian C Jensen shows the relation between meditation and negative emotion

Meditation helps in regulating negative emotions and promoting positive feelings. Research reveals that practicing regular meditation will help you in managing negative thoughts. If you have fear and anxiety issues, you will have to understand the significance of meditation. It is the food for your brain. Studies also show that experienced individuals who are into meditation reveal how they experienced a positive change in their minds because of regular meditation.

Meditation will help you in handling stress

In the modern digital world, stress has become an inevitable part of human life. However, with emphasis come adverse health issues. There are associated risks, including high blood pressure, anxiety issues, fatigue, trouble focusing, and the like. You may also undergo sleep difficulty, gastrointestinal symptoms, sex drive changes, and the like. Managing stress has become vital for promoting overall health. Hence, the only way of achieving this is by practicing meditation. Studies reveal that anxiety disorder has multiple causes. You will have to identify the root cause of your problem to plan for managing the same.

Rectify your situation

If you feel that you are undergoing stress and anxiety, you will have to take immediate steps for its rectification. Speak to individuals you trust and reveal to them what you are going through. Apart from this, Brian C Jensen states, you can also take the help of psychologists and counselors who are available online and offline. Therapy sessions, counseling sessions, and one-to-one chats are very effective in releasing stress. Hence, take professional help if you feel you require it. Uncontrolled stress only increases the risk of heart diseases, chronic health issues, obesity, and high blood pressure.

These day’s online meditation sessions are popular. They will provide you with the much-needed training as different participants have their unique stories. When you hear from them, it will help you in understanding the coping strategy. These training sessions will help you in releasing your stress and getting back on track. However, learn to become stable even amidst crises to handle tough situations.