I’ve always found it hard to be still. As a child I was always bored if it was too quiet or if there was free time. 

In the stillness we hear

I found it hard to sit in stillness even as an adult. 

A few nights ago; I had a dream and although the details of that dream are quite vague the one thing I do remember was the phrase from the bible “Be still and know that I am god”. Hearing that phase in my dream and remembering it every day for a week, I knew it had to have been a divine message of importance. 

Growing up, I always had the concept of God being outside of myself. A masculine energy figure that told you what to do, has a set of rules, told you right from wrong and if you did wrong then you’d be punished. I’m sure most people who grew up in a religious family have similar ideas. 

As I ponder on this phrase “be still and know that I am God”, I have taken it in a literal and metaphorical sense. 

I have literally sat still in silence with all my devices turned off. I’ve sat with my eyes closed and I breathed deep into the stillness.

Being still is also known as meditation. I know that meditation has so many physical and mental benefits. It also has deep spiritual benefits too. 

Sitting in meditation has never been easy for me. My back gets sore, my mind decides to explode with thought and I am distracted beyond belief.  Over the years I have convinced myself that meditation is hard; but that simply is not true. 

What a great excuse to keep me in servitude to the worldly realm as well as my anxiety. 

I’ve heard that echo off in the distance calling me to sit still, to embrace the silence but for far too long I held onto that excuse of it being too hard. 

After having that dream I’ve made myself sit still and not only has it benefited me in calming my mind, soothing my anxiety brought about by so many expectations placed on myself but it has shown me that by being still, God is closer than the image that I and so many others have been taught. 

God is not some guy in long white robes with hippy long hair; God resides deep within us, around us and as us.  Meditation has shown me that by stilling myself for long enough, the prayers I have prayed all have answers within me. I hold the answers to my unanswered questions. I hold the key to my own healing and my own destined path. 

Meditation has shown me a way to bring my body, mind and soul back into alignment so that I don’t have to be wondering around in the dark; fumbling my way through this thing we call life. 

Meditation was the light that I needed to shine into the darkness in order for me to feel at peace and receive the answers I have been searching for. 

People often say, I can’t meditate my mind is never empty enough to mediate. 

I can assure you that your mind will never be empty. The key to meditation is to observe. 

To be still and to know that your peace is in the stillness.  

Simply observe your thought when it arises and let it go. There is nothing more to do than observe.

When we allow ourselves to be still, to observe with open curiosity, we’d be amazed at what breakthroughs occur. 

So many people have said, you have everything you’ll ever need inside of yourself and its true. We do hold the answers and the keys. We just have to be still enough to allow it to come to us in divine timing. 

Meditation is a practise. It won’t just happen, you have to build your meditation muscle by giving it the respected time to develop. 

Be Still & Know I Am God

Start with 5mins a day and gradually build it up. If you find it challenging to sit in the silence initially, there are great apps for guided mediation that you can download to help you along your meditation journey. 

I honestly believe that by being in the stillness, we will be able to liberate ourselves from the bond that the everyday world places upon us. 

Happy meditating xx