Often when I go to retreats or teach meditation, the common complain from people is how they can’t meditate.

Some find meditation hard as its about being quiet. Others find the stillness daunting in their action oriented life. Their need to “DO” overpowers their need to meditate. Others say, they can’t focus and the list of reasons is endless.

Implicit in all these statements is a belief structure about who we are and also what meditation is. Implicit in these statements is the fixed “I”

For a moment, lets think that the “I” isn’t limited to..

A certain “type”

A preconceived notion

An unalterable self

A fixed point

A definition

An unchanging identity



A certain kind of behavior

A perfection

And we dissociate our idea of self as we have been taught, we start to expand into something bigger.

Let’s say for a moment that meditation isn’t limited to…

Sitting still

Sitting in the lotus

Breathing a certain way

Reciting a mantra

Visualization something

Having a guru

Being in a special place

Being in a special time

Having an insight

Being bright in a halo

Much like the allegory of caves, lets not just look at the wall in front of us. Lets try and look at the beyond and redefine our vision of what meditation is and who we are.

May be the idea of our self is defined by:

Our observation

By the world

By who “we” think we are

May be we can change our observation and let ourselves be:


Not fixed

Not defined by anything or anybody


Expandable into the universe

A small part of the big picture

And as we delve further, may be meditation simply is:

Being in the moment

Being accepting towards an experience

Being Non judgemental

Feeling your feelings

Loving Kindness

Meeting your own self lovingly and intimately

Being a passive observer to the flow of thoughts

Non reaction

Seeing outside the self

Seeing the true nature of reality

Being one with the universe

Dropping the ego

Being the cosmic dance

Dropping all your preconceived notions

Finding perfection in the imperfections

And then beyond all this:

That its okie to make mistakes

To be able to loose yourself to find the way back again

It’s okay to be wrong

Its okay to fall asleep as you delve inwards

Its okay to be not be still

Its okay to be restless

Its okay to be torn apart

Its okay to feel joyful

Its okay to say that its okay to whatever it is

Everything is just okay

Because nothing is permanent and all we need to do is to simply observe it, with a passive eye. What will arise will also end. It will simply pass through you.

You are simply untangling what tangled you and bound you and kept you away from limitlessness.

Meditation exists within you. It exists in the here and now, in wherever you are. Its anchored to your very existence. Its like that heavy body bending the space around you and letting you stay on ground. You may call it gravity but the fact is that it hugs you and holds you and never let you go astray. It is the true nature of the self.  Its hard coded in your DNA so get to work.

There is lots that needs to be thrown out, lots that is holding you back, lots that no longer serves you. Declutter that space and let there be an emptiness.

To say “I can’t meditate” because of so and so, is like saying…

I can’t breathe

I can’t see

I can’t hear

I can’t feel

I can’t think

I can’t be with a friend

“I can’t be”.

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  • 15 years of her life Shilpi had been a corporate professional trying to manage her mindfulness with the hardiness of the Finance and the transformation world. She has worked pan Asia and US. After realizing the serious lack of emotional intelligence and empathy in existing capitalistic models and leadership across companies, she quit her job where she worked as a transformation lead directly reporting to the CEO. She felt the major gap in organization stem from the gap in today's education in providing serious Social and Emotional Learning to children. As a Mindfulness practictioner she chose to integrate her learnings with SEL to bring it to education. Her endeavor, Fablefy aims at bringing Mindfulness superpower to children. Shilpi believes that stories connect and stories create. Using the power of storytelling she wants to bring bite sized animations and books that can be integrated into the school curriculum or a parent's day with their children. Her goal is to make Mindfulness accessible to communities at large anywhere, anytime in the globe. She is a mother of two and her children embody her spirit.