Yet, Tremendous Growth is Possible When You Write Everyday.

Our thoughts drive our behaviors. If we take the time to process our thoughts we can learn to better control our behaviors.

Every day I write what I learn. Here is what I learned in April 2017:

April 1 — Books Create

Books create leaders. Books create better humans. Reading is a way to become better. Better at learning. Better at feeling. Better at thinking. Books cause us to develop empathy as we enter a new world, one we did not create but end up creating with the author.

April 2 — Choose to Be

What we are on the inside, is what we radiate on the outside. Our life is made up of choices. We are happy by choice. We are confident by choice. We succeed by choice. We choose the response we have to every event.

April 3 — Find The Root

Little problems are not solved by addressing them individually. Little problems are caused by bigger issues. Looking at the details is helpful, but the big picture is what is really important. Address the problems head on, not the point of pain, but the reason there is pain in the first place. People need to feel wanted, addressing every single issue and mistake is the best way to make sure people feel unwanted.

April 4 — Backed by Action

The best thing to do is to take action. Once you do, all the other pieces start to fall into place. Action kills fear. Action provides momentum. Action builds consensus. Action is energy and that energy is positive. Take positive action to create confidence and positive energy.

April 5 — Say Sorry

When you feel bad about something you did, apologize. Restitution is therapy for the soul. Being sorry and saying sorry are two different things. They are both important and both help us change. Being sorry helps us change our future behavior. Saying sorry helps build better relationships, saying sorry builds trust.

April 6- Meet Your Future

Our perspective doesn’t change reality. Just because we cannot see the full picture doesn’t mean we can’t get there. The future is awaiting our arrival, we should actively go meet it, even if we cannot see it.

April 7 — Don’t Be Colorblind

When you are colorblind you don’t notice the beauty. You maybe “know” about the beauty but it is hard to appreciate something that is not unique. Take time to notice the beauty. Appreciate the differences. Embrace the change. Love everyone.

April 8 — Don’t Care What They Think

Our actions are not ours alone. Each actions influences another. Our job is not to worry about what other people think. Our job is the worry about what they will feel. It doesn’t matter if they approve or like you. It matters if it hurts them or helps them. Watch your thoughts as they guide your actions.

April 9 — Obstacles Aren’t Final

When something is out of reach all you need to do is change. If a door is closed either change the door or change yourself. Use a different door. Find the key. Break the door. Go through a window. Go around the door. Don’t let artificial barriers become real. Nothing is impossible with the proper mindset coupled with the proper actions.

April 10 — The Smartest Relationships

Relationships built on truth matter. Relationships built on image and perceived reality falter and die. Truth is when openness is possible, trust is earned, and love is shared. Some smart people find the truth. Smarter people know and speak the truth. The smartest people who have good relationships speak the truth and also pay attention to how that truth affects those around them.

April 11 — Better Journey

Everything is better when we choose to accept others for who they are. Acceptance reduce stress. When our level of stress and anxiety is reduced we can focus on becoming rather than living in fear. Changing and growing creates accomplishment and fulfillment. Some people help us change. Some people us grow. Some people love us. Some people don’t. We must embrace and accept all people and when we do our inner peace will be restored and our journey will be better.

April 12 — Focus Your Light

If we can’t see it, it is hard to focus on it. So if it is not real yet we need to create the image in our mind and make it real in our minds. Use every light we have and focus the light on what we want. Focus on the good that can be and then your success is will follow. You get what you focus on. Focus you light on what you want, not on what you don’t. This is where the power of our minds truly comes into play, as we focus better, we live better. As we live better we can help more people.

April 13 — Slow or Fast?

Slow is better than fast. Sometimes. Sometimes fast is better than slow. That is why we must adapt. Those who adapt live longer, live better, and find more success. Be adaptable so you can be slow, or so you can be fast, or so you can just help more people.

April 14 — Find Something New

No one has seen everything. You haven’t seen everything. Just because you have seen it once doesn’t mean you really saw it. Learn from every experience. Even if you have seen it once, look again, find something new in what you think is old. As we learn more we can help more.

April 15 — Seeing Value

Everyone can see what is in front of them, if they look. What if you don’t look? Can you still see it? Looking at what you expect to see is easy, it is much harder to anticipate something you don’t plan for. Learn from others. Take time to listen. Other people and different lenses and can share different experiences. You do too. Know your value while appreciating the value of others.

April 16 — Consume Wisely

Everything we consume becomes part of who we are. Are we becoming better? Every thought we think guides every action we take. Are we heading in the right direction. By filling our minds with positive material we are creating positive thoughts which will lead to positive actions. Consume wisely.

April 17 — Victors Can’t Find Excuses

Victims and victors are not very different. They have trials. They get hurt. They struggle. The difference is in how they perceive the situations they face. Victims find ways to place blame. Victors take responsibility. As we train our brains to find solutions and create personal accountability, victory comes easier.

April 18 — Narrow & Far

When we understand who we are we are less likely to try and become something we shouldn’t be. While our potential is unlimited, each person is meant for individual greatness. That greatness is born from using our strengths to the fullest. As we focus on what we can contribute the opinions of others will matter less and less. Our focus needs to be narrow while our view needs to be far.

April 19 — Common Understanding

Two people looking at the same thing can see different things. They can experience different emotions and can make different memories. Connection is about coming together. The more we connect with others, the better our results will be. Instead of assuming what others think and feel. Ask. Ask good questions, then as follow-up questions. Learn and listen so you can create a common understanding.

April 20 — Create Beauty

Being together makes a big difference. Alone, you can see beauty. Together you create beauty. Start creating by building better relationships. Focus on consistency. Focus on communication. Trust more. Love more. Be more present.

April 21 — Own Your Journey

We often want what others want us to want even though we don’t really want it. Wanting without action is a waste. Waste in thought, waste in time, waste in potential. The difference between wanting what others want and wanting what we really want is the feeling we have while pursuing what we want. If we are happy, and satisfied and content then what we are pursuing is real, it is authentic. If the journey is not fulfilling, then the destination is not ours.

April 22 — Trust Broken Can Be Repaired, Sometimes

There are many ways to develop trust. When intent is aligned, trust is created. Trust is built on the foundation of communication, ability, and integrity. As we learn to trust each other, we can help each other more. Trust is easily broken. The best way to fix trust issues is to take positive action and look people in the eye and tell them you will make it right. Show gratitude for their trust even before you have earned it back and then work like crazy to never loose it again. Build trust by being honest and taking proper action.

April 23 — Shouldn’t Fight Alone

Sometimes we forget that everyone has a battle that they are facing that we know nothing about. It doesn’t matter how big it is, if it is important to them, it should be important to us. That is what makes us human. The ability to have empathy and work together to overcome massive obstacles. Together we can do more than alone. Let’s find ways to get together more. When we are together we can unite and fight each other’s battles. When we share our heavy burdens, they become exponentially easier to lift.

April 24 — Encourage Them

The best way to lead someone is to encourage them.

April 25 — Every Strength

Strength comes in many forms. Sometimes it is easy to see, other times it is hidden. We all derive our strength from the same source, but often in different ways. Strength can be found in action or in withstanding temptation. Strength can be found in persevering or in fighting for truth. Every strength is needed, every weakness can be covered by the strength of others.

April 26 — Master Crafter

When you are a master at your craft, not much can get to you. You know your value. You have confidence in what you are doing. Your value is true.

April 27 — More Than Once a Year

Doing something once is nice. Doing something once also makes it easily forgotten. Consistently positive actions build lasting feelings of trust. Being consistent in your actions and words build deeper relationships.

April 28 — Perspective Changes Things

Cloudy vision is bad. When your head is up in the clouds you are not focused. Yet we all want to be in the clouds. That is also where dreams live. Clouds are good. Clouds can be bad. It is all about your perspective. It is the same with all of thoughts. They can be used to help us, to strengthen us, to drive us forward. Or, our thoughts can hold us back, to limit our growth. Our thoughts are real, and our perspective determines the value they bring.

April 29 — Around Every Bend

Align your actions with your dreams and your route becomes clearer. You might not be able to see around every bend in the path, but you know there is a path and you can follow it. When your intention matches your action you can make your desires a reality. Let the actions create the path to the destination that your vision knows is there.

April 30 — Winds Change

The wind changes. Industries dies. New services are born. Adapting is key. If you can adjust your sails your will succeed. Sometimes you are late, sometimes you are early, as long as you change you will not be left behind. The worst action is to stay the course after the winds have changed.

In the end…

Think. Write. Think. Write. Share. It will help you. It will help others.

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