The precious guitar, in all its guiding light. When it plays a song without words, you can imagine it fir how you want it to be. What sources of creativity and imagination you desire to concoct, they are permitted to exist. If you wish to journey to a distant land, a far away place, it’s up to, you. With the love of your life on a boat ride, in the Pastaza River. There is dinner for two. Candlelight by the moonlight. Love is cradled by arms of tenderness.

When the guitar plays, you can journey to the home of your childhood. There are memories, there, which remain unhealed. Should you dare, you can journey for one last time; hoping to ease the hurt of the past.

When the guitar plays, you can journey to be with your Mom. For, at one point in one’s timing, she was there by your side. She was holding your hand, cooking your favorite meal, and reading your favorite, bedtime story. ?

When the guitar plays, you can be anywhere and with anyone of your desire.

Carlos Banillo Chavez