Sometimes, there are those nights, when we desire to dream while we are, awake. We sit in the dark, or lay on the comforts of our beds. Dreaming while we are awake is part of the period of reminiscing. It’s a way of getting lost in our thoughts; being carried away into a world of dreams. Fantasy can be lived, while we are awake. Of course, that’s if we value that watery flow of the night.

Imagine that! Imagine the power of water drifting in the air! Imagine the realm of claiming one’s dreams! Things we having been dreaming as a child become part of our reality, when we stay, awake. Whatever childhood dreams and aspirations, that became hidden during adulthood, are awakened. Suddenly, those dreams become alive, all over, again. It’s a continuous flow of re-awakening ourselves from a stagnant (and stale) state of living. When you have been spiritually malnourished for such a long time, a person almost forgets about the sunlight of true living. They stay in a state of working in occupations they truly detest. So many people live in robotic state. There is nothing new to one’s everyday living. Get up. Go to work. Retire back at home. Do it all over, again. Where is the life? Where is the time for true living?

There are spiritual waters, which are manifested in the course of the night. Daydreaming, throughout every component of the night brings on a glittery fruition of the Universal psyche. For some strange moment, humanity gets an subtle tapping; a reminder. Whatever dreams have been forgotten, are suddenly remembered. The excitement builds. Seeds are planted. Nightly waters begin their nutrition, and the flowers ?start to bloom within one’s personal garden.

Once more, the Chinese nights become a centerfold, for this meditation. The “Suzhou Nocturne” invites the gentle lullaby. It is a whisper for what is to come. It is a whisper into the silence of one’s thoughts and mind. Growth in the garden is a whisper. Blooming is another quiet vibration. Let’s whisper in this evening, for a gentle blooming of this nightly song!

Bai Hong