Nighttime is a romantic time. It can also a lonely time. Give or take, it all depends on the actions taking place in the night. Nighttime can be a place of solitude. Simultaneously, it can also serve as a time of healing, sustainment, nourishment, and affection. All of that depends on who you decide to spend your time with. For a man, the right woman understands the power of her feminine touch and its power, to heal. Love has such a way of doing that.

No one can deny how good it feels to be loved, during the course of the night sky. Just remember that pain, can also take place, during the day. What does that mean? For now, let’s not get caught up in breaking down the meaning. Afterall, there is a reason for moving through love’s domain, within the course of the night. So, let’s embrace it. Let’s embrace that layer of stillness. Healing and comfort begins when we are, still. Just listen in night’s protection, for now.

John Holt