There is power. Absolute power. There is power in the creation of a four-letter word. It is called, LOVE. It’s called, LOVE, and we need it all day long. What if we repeated it consistently? What if every radio station, television unit, airwaves, and musical composition were fostered in the Spirit of love? Even further, what if holistic repetition of that word was done on a daily basis? Imagine the transformation it would have on the human psyche. Imagine the amount of healing it would provide for those, who are in need. There is such a precious nurture in the very presentation and speaking of the term, love.

It’s not so often that a person hear the consistent saying of a song, with the term, love, love, love. Saying it over and over, again. There are ways of manifesting the energy, just by saying it (or singing it), aloud. Love. Love. Love. Yet, one of the ecstasies of singing the very term, is how it connects with the atmosphere. The energies become interconnected with each other. There is life within such a combustion. On a greater note, this energy is spread throughout the air. One can sense the vibrations and how it manifests into better treatment of people and their interactions with others.

Love. LOVE. Love. Let it repeat and flow, that everyone will heal within their own precious time!

Baron Brown