Hearing this high pitched sound, there is an inquiry into the direction it will go. Where is it going? How does it blow? What is its very meaning? There are different layers to its presence and mystique. The background music of a particular song moves through a greater awakening. Pitches. Music. The entire birthing of songs have a way of mentally carrying us into a higher direction. A lower tone. Circles. Squares. Triangles. Polka dots. Plaid. Closer tones. Higher tones. Melodic vibes. Holistic auras. Colors. Designs. Higher frequencies. Music, song, and the notes comprising it, are more than layers of entertainment. On the contrary, they are tiny particles in directing us to higher modes of frequency. The higher the frequency, the more abundant the healing.

There’s no need for explanation. There’s no need for writing further clarification; at least for this particular piece. Right now, the high shrieks, vibratos, and others will be the source of nourishment, for the mind, body, and Soul. The longer the time ⏲️, the more toxicity, which is erased. Higher and higher, we move into a higher blooming! ??? The day is still young. Spiritual and mental healing is still in motion. Pitches are perfect for cleansing phase. Sometimes, swords are necessary for the journey, along.

Yang Baosen