Ramzi Fahel is the founder and CEO of his Digital Marketing Agency by the name of “TheWifiBag”. He started this company a little over a year ago, and has scaled this business to be one of the TOP Digital Marketing Agencies! Ramzi turned a simple dream and passion into a passive income which has given him the freedom to work on his own terms, from ANYWHERE around the world!


Just to give a little bit of information about Ramzi’s business, he runs a Digital Marketing Agency that helps business owners of ANY kind get more clients/customers into their business! If you’re a business owner and struggling to get customers into your business, TheWifiBag will take care of that issue for you! Ramzi has worked with multiple businesses, and business owners. Here are some examples of business Ramzi Fahel “TheWifiBag” has worked with: Chiropractors, Dentists, Realtors, Barbershops, Doctors, Car Dealerships, and many more! If you’d like to contact Ramzi directly you can find his Instagram username, and website down below!

About Ramzi

A little information about Ramzi Fahel, he is a 21 Year Old Entrepreneur that does EVERYTHING! From making YouTube videos, Music, starting his very own online business, and much much more! ANYTHING you need done, Ramzi is capable of doing! Also, Ramzi has been seen in Youtube videos by Jake Paul, FaZe Rug, and many many more Youtubers. Not only is Ramzi an online Entrepreneur, he is also trying to grow a personal brand for himself! You can check out his Instagram (linked below).

Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, and would like Ramzi Fahel to help grow YOUR business, all of his contact information will be below!

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: instagram.com/ramrf