Bag&bones is an innovative LED neon art label that is grounded in high quality, beautiful design and sustainability. Whimsical text, expressive slogans, and vibrant graphic typify the brand.

The label was the culmination of an extensive two years of meticulous preparation and research. The idea grew when its’ founder Gigi noticed a gap in the market for a new type of expressive neon art design that was both beautiful and environmentally sustainable: “The seed for bag&bones was first planted when I spotted a gap in the market for a new type of neon art that was more environmentally sustainable, and just as beautiful as traditional glass neon,” says founder Gigi.

The seductive glow of neon has always had a garishly-romantic charm, but the composition of traditional neon lighting—neon gas inside glass— was too delicate and dangerous for domestic use. Bag&bones created an LED alternative that is as beautiful as the real thing, but more sustainable and cost-effective. “We want bag&bones to be all about fun and joie de vivre but it’s really important to use to create products that limit the impact on our environment,” says bag&bones founder Gigi, “our neon balances that carefree attitude on one side and that sense of responsibility on the other. More environmentally sustainable but just as beautiful as traditional glass neon.”

Bag&bones’ unique design combines flexible LED neon tubing and light-emitting diodes to create a product that is durable, portable, lightweight, safe and most importantly—eco-friendly. The lights emit little heat and there’s much less risk of breakages–as they are not made of glass. Bag&bones’ designs consume 70-90% less energy than traditional lighting— offering a more sustainable solution for the planet. Minimising electricity consumption and running costs also means that the neon masterpieces are significantly easier on the pocket too. 

Inspired by London’s urban street culture, bag&bones’ off the shelf collection includes whimsical text and playful graphics. Add character to your interior with a neon light that spells out Let’s Stay Home illuminate your room with a font that spells out Love to add a sense of romance; or, choose The Planet –a white glowing planet that will make the perfect addition to any room. Even better, every time The Planet is purchased, bag&bones will plant a tree on the customers’ behalf. 

Bag&bones’ customisable offering enables customers to bring their own neon vision to life— from a brand slogan or logo to a favourite lyric, quote or catchphrase. Their bright, modern and beautiful designs bring an element of cool to any interior at a fraction of the cost of most similar products on the market.

Bag&bones has racked up an impressive list of clients in fashion including, Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen, Grazia Magazine, and Chanel. The label has appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The Daily Telegraph, ES Magazine, Grazia, The Sunday Times, Living Magazine, and, The Irish Times. The label has accumulated an Instagram following of almost 100k.