Most of us feel overwhelmed by how much seems wrong in the world. Our media feeds are exploding with images of violence, pain and loss. We desperately want to do something, but as one person what can we possibly do?

I think about this every day. Feeling powerless sucks. No doubt about it. But the fact is, we are not powerless. We can make a difference and even better, we are making progress. It’s my mission through sound, word and image to hold a mirror up to society and show all of you the power you possess.

It’s vital to be realistic about what is happening in the world. Rose tinted glasses may make you feel better but from my years as a journalist, I learned that you have to know the facts before you can change them. As an activist and leader, I learned that you can witness reality but not settle for the circumstances at hand. We CAN change the world. How do I know? Because we’re making improvements every day. One example is in the area of poverty. The number of grindingly poor people in the world is half of what it was since the start of the century. To keep this momentum moving, the United Nations set a global goal to take action to create the conditions for the remaining 700 million men, women and children that will usher them out of such extreme poverty in 12 years.

This example is just one of the 17 global goals that were created in 2015 by surveying a great number of world citizens. They were asked if they could change anything in the world what would it be? These people were remarkably and wildly ambitious and inspired a list whose mission is to challenge the world. This list is an extraordinary act of hope. Another global goal involves quality primary and secondary education for all children, reducing gender and income inequality and putting a halt to climate change. We are the first generation that can end extreme poverty. We are the last generation that can curb climate change.

There is no plan B. There is no planet B, either.

I am Mexican. I am Jewish. I am a Woman. I am also the new Editor at Large for Thrive Global because of these qualities, not despite them. In my heart, I am an activist but you won’t find me taking to the streets to protest. I have found other ways to voice my concerns, other outlets through which to take action and use my talents to really make a difference. Big institutions, various media outlets and certain representatives have totally lost the public’s trust. What can we trust? We can trust that each and every one of us possesses the power to be the change we want to see; our actions are cumulative and will pave the way to achieving each and every one of these Global Goals.

As Editor at Large here at Thrive Global, I plan to share the stories of people who are making a difference in improving the world. I hope you’ll find as much inspiration in these stories as I do. Many of these stories sprang forth from the Global GoalsCast ( a podcast that Edie Lush and I created to bring the Sustainable Development Goals to the forefront of the populace’s consciousness.

Our podcast tells the relatable and honest stories about how people are changing the world. Whether it is a Latina migrant who became a software engineer at Google or a teenage sister and brother who created a fashion brand called NALU to help girls in India and Indonesia go to school by giving away school uniforms to those who cannot afford to buy their own. We have a passion for storytelling and we love bringing these everyday heroes stories to all of you!

The Global GoalsCast was created as a platform to make a difference and to start a conversation. We think the more that people know about these goals, the more people can find ways in their own lives to help achieve them. We are a positive voice but we are also not shy about speaking the truth; there are inherent challenges, there will be bumps in the road.

One episode, in our first trio of podcasts released, tackles migration. The rising tide of nationalism and nativism in many developed countries has already jeopardized the migration of so many displaced citizens of this world. Migration, is absolutely integral in order to achieve these goals. The politics of North America and Europe directly shapes the development of the rest of the world. Everything is interconnected. There is so much power in this idea! We can make a difference.

Can the world actually achieve these goals? Yes, but we won’t know until the year 2030. What happens between now and the end date will certainly be quite a journey and the outcome will shape the lives of every person on earth and directly affect the conditions for generations to come.

This isn’t a spectator sport. The Global Goals were agreed upon by 190 nations and it’s up to each and every one of us who comprise this collective to do our part. We must adopt a global mindset; our actions today must be conscious ones that are always looking ahead to what their end results might create. These are the stretch goals for the world. Don’t roll your eyes! I saw that! It’s true. The Sustainable Development Goals are stretch goals for the world and are possible to achieve if we all pull together.

And nothing gives more power and pleasure than doing good and feeling useful by making a difference.

This is a call to share YOUR stories about taking action and giving back. I want to read about your effort in making the world a better place. You can always find me here. I’ll be sharing videos and more! [email protected]

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