Djying is not everyone’s cup of tea; it needs unique talent and skills to make people dance on your tunes.

We see a rise in Djying and this music is getting more popular in night parties, events and everywhere. It’s like you cant party complete until Dj spins the Disc and make you dance on the floor like crazy.

If you are the DJ love than we have good news for all and if you belong to Argentina, then you might be knowing him pretty well. Facu Rodriguez Casal, a renowned name in the DJ world for playing in festivals, parties and events in Argentina.

This young lad is supreme when you talk about spinning the Disc, master of EDM music. He can play any house you ask him. His versatility is his USP. 

He has played his music at many big stages in a short time. He played his music in Disney Latino America and Uni center shopping. More than 10,000 people enjoyed his music, and there was not stopping for second as his music made everyone dance for hours.

He was even DJ in three summer seasons in the city of Pinamar for brands such as Cerveza Brahma, Cerveza Quilmes, Smirnoff, Absolute and several others, along with other Argentina’s top Dj’s.

He was the part of DJ 47 Te Busca. Ana now Facu Rodriguez Casal is going to be seen in the second season of Fundom. 

His love for music was always there in his mind, he started very early, as he dram to become one of the most excellent DJ from Argentina. He is known for giving fresh music to his fans. And this quality has made him a top name in the DJ world in a short period of time. It is great to see young talent like Facu Rodriguez Casal, winning the hearts of people and making them dance on his beats.

With so much success at a young age, he creates a spark among st youngsters & is an inspiration to them to keep working towards their goal. We wish we get more & more artists like Facu Rodriguez Casal, who makes the world dance on their tunes.


  • Neelam Rawat



    I am Mumbai-based enthusiastic writer. I had participated in several local events and written content for various online portals. I wanted to pursue a career in professional journalism in the years to come. I love reading, Writing, traveling and watching sports day in and day out.