Matt Young is the founder of Realply – an innovative tech company that writes, tests and sends data-driven messages on your behalf using Linkedin to help you drive more sales for your business.

Matt is also the Co-Founder & CEO of Matt Young Media – an effective Real Estate Marketing Agency which generates qualified buyer and seller leads that result in more commissions for agents nationwide. His company is most known for its ability to generate clients between 300-600% ROI, on average.

Here are a few more fun facts about this young entrepreneur who is quicky on the rise to success!

Why You Should Follow Matt Young

From a distance, Matt’s ambition can be easily camouflaged by his cool, calm and collected demeanor. Make no mistake – – at just 30 years old, this savvy millennial has accomplished more in 5 years than most have done in the span of a lifetime. Matt Young went from a junior sales associate at a tech startup to the CEO of two highly recognized marketing companies. Matt’s seemingly overnight success has earned him the spotlight as a “Top 20 Entrepreneur” by Forbes Magazine, as well as a “Top Online Entrepreneur” by USA TODAY. Matt has also landed several major appearances in publications such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Entrepreneur, Today Show and more.

From Rags to Riches

We’ve all heard ‘rags to riches’ sagas, but Matt’s story is nothing short of inspiring. At just 8 years old, Matt experienced his first taste of real life, as he lived homeless in Boston Massachusetts for a period of six months due to unforeseen family circumstances. This event triggered a major change inside of Matt, which he would later use as motivation to elevate his life to unthinkable heights. 

Matt’s Secret Sauce

Matt believes much of his success came from recognizing the power of the mind. “I learned very early in life that we all have superpowers. One of those superpowers is our ability to will thoughts into existence. Sounds a bit hippyish, but it’s true. Everything at one point was just an idea. It took a group of action-takers to take what they saw in their minds and manifest it into real life.  These ideas came from those no smarter than you and I. The genius thing these ‘pioneers’ and ‘innovators’ did was take action”, Matt shared.

Hire or Fire

At one of Matt’s first sales jobs, his training manager decided to do an experiment with the class of new hires, called “Hire or Fire”. The idea was simple: Pretend you’re CEO of the company, hire who you believe would succeed in their role and fire anybody who you believe is most likely to fail.

As luck would have it, nobody believed Matt was cut out for the job. “Everybody in my training class picked me as the person most likely to fail (laughs). Ironically, three months later I became the #1 sales rep in the entire company. More importantly though was the lesson that it taught me. From that experiment, I learned how much humans tend to project their own limitations onto others, and why it’s important not to base your belief system on what others think you are capable of”, Matt said.

Future Plans for Mr. Young

Matt’s goals are to provide first world opportunities in third world countries, sharing that “each country which lacks in economic abundance is typically compensated for by creativity and resourcefulness”, two attributes which he believes are the core foundation for startups. Matt also plans to build schools in these same underdeveloped countries.